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Well, it has been close to 100 degrees here in
Portland the last couple of days and my apartment is roasting.
I have no air conditioning and little Lily looks absolutely
miserable. I am not sure what to do for her. She takes a few steps and then falls over. She sprawls out where ever she can to get cool. I am sure she is not sick, just very uncomfortable.

How do I cool my kitty off? I put water on her last night, but than she had to work so hard to clean it off of her, I was afraid she would exhaust herself. My poor baby.. not quite sure what to do for her. :confused3

Anybody have any suggestions. Mr Cat... you know what I am talking about.

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Have you got a small fan? Whenever it's hot in Connecticut, I always put that on aimed at my bed. That's when they all sprawl out and I have to find a small spot for myself or sleep in the other room and sweat. Poor baby. I feel for her. Sometimes my cat Casey will go into the bathroom and sleep on the tile floor because it's cool, or in the tub (I have to check first before turning on the shower).
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LOL, we bought window air conditioners. Before we had air in all the rooms, I used to open my windows, pull the shades and put a fan on. This way it stayed a little cooler than the rest of the house. The cats seemed to gravitate twards my room.
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I would buy a fan and aim it at her fave spot to sleep.

My sister's cat died in 1998 due to liver and kidney failure, but we also suspect this may have been heat-related. It gets awfully hot where I live.
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i was just going to post a thread about this

so, yeah... i'm having the same problem. i'm worried out of my mind.

i have four cats, and they are barely moving around, like me, because
its TOO HOT!!!!!!

and i brought a fan home, but, they are all scared to death of it :disturbed

they are sleeping non-stop, and practically living either in the bathroom -
(on the tile) or in Camerons room (the coolest room) - but even Cameron and I
cant bear this heat, we are thinking we are going to have to move because
it's already unbearable and it's not even June!

what am i going to do?! :confused2 :confused3

we are all unhappy & hot over here

i'm thinking either move somewhere else, or buy 10 fans and spread them
around the house... ?
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Hey you guys.. thanks for the advice. It cooled off about 20 degrees last night, and it was pretty amazing. The cooler it got the better Lily felt. Her ears started to perk up and she was moving around everywhere. It was such a relief to see. I have a few fans, but when it gets that hot inside it seems to just move the hot air around. Putting in the window is a good idea!!

Blue... have you thought about getting a window air conditioner? I feel for you. It is so miserable when it is that hot indoors. It is so hard to move around. Maybe looking for another place is not a bad idea!!

Lily is happy that it is much cooler inside, therefore I am happy. :laughing2

gotta love that
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Blue, a few years ago I moved into my own apartment. This apartment had one wall-mounted "swamp" cooler by the front door. The first day I was there it was miserably hot. My cat basically lay on the linoleum and whined a lot. I had 3 portable fans going to try and cool things off. My mom checked the cooler the next day to see what the problem was only to find that the water had not been turned on! She hooked up the water, and withing minutes the temperature in the whole apt. dropped significantly.

Do you have a cooler like this in your apt. or just no form of cooling at all?
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I'm glad she's feeling better! Here it's so hot we actually have airconditioning in each and every room (there are only 2 of them ). It's on most of the time too...
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