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*****Permission to Crosspost*********

We have vetted, friendly cats that are available to qualified rescues for no fee. We will drive them to you. You can see them here.

We no longer have any space for intakes.
We cannot refuse a pet from any city resident.
Please crosspost our kittens/cats for rescue.
We will drive them to rescue if we can.

JBird, Chippy, Ku Ku CaChoo, Einstein, Tomm Kitten, Wallace, Howard, Oxford and Heckie are already neutered/spayed.
Others could be vetted very inexpensively on July 17th.

Almost all of our kittens are very affectionate. Many have already had their second immunization. Only Three's Company, O'Shea and Downey are a little standoffish.

We are currently out of space for cats and kittens. We no longer
have more crates(or space to place them). On Monday we will begin
euthanizing owner surrenders as they come in. We can hold strays in
the bathroom in a plastic crate for five days and they will be
euthanized. We will not euthanize the cats that are already
sponsored or altered. We have three ferals that need sponsors so
they can go to barns. If I can move them out it will clear three
cages. They are Kitten is Angry, Lucky 13 and Bobby Flay.
If owner surrenders are spayed/neutered and have medical records then
we would probably have to euthanize one of the unaltered cats we are
holding and keep the altered cat.

We will drive them. We must save our cats.

Please PM or email to rescue these cats.

We also have kittens that are currently too you for vetting but are very loving and friendly. They too need to find rescue as soon as possible.

Please feel free to crosspost any of the cats.
Some of those that I did not name like people but will not allow themselves to be picked up. I will have to find other refuge for them.

Grayson County Humane Society
Leitchfield Animal Shelter
213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY 42754