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Codeine and Cats

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My Vet has prescribed Codeine for Phoebe to take on an 'as needed' basis. She sometimes has pain for possible arthritis. She didn't do well on the this is just for those times when she looks like she needs it.

Any adverse effects of codeine that anyone has experienced? I haven't filled the prescription yet.

The Vet warned about constipation and 'spacey' staring. But didn't say anything else about side effects.

Any helpful info would be appreciated.

Thank you!!
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Here is some info on it.
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The major side effects of codeine are constipation, causes drowsiness, and nausea.

Constipation is pretty much a given, but the degree of drowsiness and nausea is variable. Some experience it and some don't. Now as for cats, their systems may be a bit different so they may or may not experience nausea, but they will probably be sleepy hence the "spaciness"

If your kitty is having pain and the vet feels that codeine will help, then fill the medication and try it. But make sure you monitor poops to make sure it isn't getting constipated.
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Thank you for your quick responses. I'm hoping that she won't need alot of it. Perhaps one pill once in a while. The Vet said that she shouldn't experience constipation as long as she doesn't get too many pills in a row. She mostly just sleeps/rests anyway so I might not even notice the 'spaciness' , but I'd keep an eye on her anyway.

She's had a good week, despite the Metacam problem. Perhaps her Cartrophen shots are kicking in.

Thank you again for the website and words of wisdom!!
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Your Welcome
i could not find that much info.
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