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TONS of horse pictures!

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I spent all day yesterday and today getting pictures of all the horses here. I thought I'd share!

First, my two horses:


Storm - the new guy

*More on the way!*
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The Belgians:



Before his bath:

All clean:


*More on the way!*
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The Clydesdales:



Before his bath:

During his bath:

"Is it over yet?"

All clean!

*More on the way!*
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Last three pictures, just some group shots:

*All done!*
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awwwwww they are amazing!! Storm is ADORABLE and I Belgians!! THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE HORSE EVER!!!
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do your belgians drive?

these are my friends team (who i am in love with)

They do all the farm work, harrow the riding ring, spread the manure and take people on sleigh rides and carriage rides AND you can ride them. Best. Horses. Ever. (plus they are big and beautiful)
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Your friends horses are gorgeous! Bob and Boomer are very well broke to drive, but haven't worked in a little while. They're broke to ride too, I just haven't attempted it yet, they're so big! LOL. Thunder was sent away for training to drive about two years ago but we've never even hooked him up since his training.
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Oh my goodness I love storm!!! Now that he's all settled in and clean he's just plain gorgeous!

I bet you money he's a smokey black. He looks just like our Holly, the sun faded black body and black legs.
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OMG they're GOREGOUS! I think Thunder's my fave I'm gonna come over there in the dead of night and steal him

They're lovely
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Great pictures Your horses are beautiful
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You're horses are beautiful, My little girl would love to go your house .After her broken wrist heals, her auntie is taking her riding. every time she sees a horse, she say Mom they are just beautiful, can I just touch them
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Your horses are beautiful! Is it just me or does Boomer have a skinny butt?
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Is Storm a Quarter Horse\\Arab by chance? He's lovely!

Great those Clydes!
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