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Something I haven't done for a while

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I usually have the TV on for noise when I'm at the computer, or even when I'm not.

Tonight I decided to put on a CD. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to work my stereo! But now I'm sitting here listening to "The Best of George Michael" and it's such a refreshing change

My cats even like it because I find myself singing and they think I'm talking to them
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I have been doing that a lot lately, too. TV is just getting so boring, especially since everything is in reruns. I have been doing more online research on my move, and getting up and getting my house in order.It may be a different story when the new seasons of Saving Grace, Bones, and The Closer start. Those are the only shows I watch regularly.
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I like that type of change every now and then too. Sometimes I just shut everything off and enjoy the quiet. Of course in my house there is always some little noise whether it's the fish tank, the cat fountain or the clock; but still, just the non-TV or computer hum noises is such a change!
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We have about 45 channels of digital music on our cable, so I can listen to that, if I want to.

And I have over 100 cd's in my cd jukebox changer.
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Yeah, I love the cds on computer. We have our favorites on our computer, and the computer is right at the center of the house, so I can hear it all over if I crank it up. My husband plays his guitar to some practice cds, so we have Bose speakers hooked up to it. I am considering paring down the cable channels in favor of spending more productive time. We will keep our internet, but it has to have basic cable.
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I usually don't have anything one. I think after so many years of being subjected to musak I just like the quiet!!
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I like the quiet, too! I even turn the sound way down on my laptop. Now if I could just find the mute button for my daughter and her friend...
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I listen to the digital music channels on my digital cable I love the variety I get and I can pick which genre I want I like the older 50's rock and roll
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