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Help, My cat is not eating, drinking and is throwing up

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My cat Tom, who is 7 years old has been pretty healthy (He does have a breathing problem the vet is going to look into). Suddenly 3 days ago he started throwing up yellow-green liquid, that day he threw up atleast 5 times. We also noticed that he was not eating or drinking and had gotten thinner. So we don't know how long he had not been eating for (We have 2 cats so its hard to tell who's eating all the food). He was also very slow (his movement was very slow), and he had been sleeping only to get up to throw up and go back to sleep. My mom called the vet, and we took him in the next day, but had to leave him over night to get x-rays to check for blockage and take blood and such. He also said he was dehydrated so they put him on IV fluids. Today we went in and the vet said that he didn't have a blockage, and he had eaten today, so it would be best if we took him for the weekend. He gave him a shot to stop vomiting for 48 hours and gave us some special canned food. The vet said that his blood work would be in by Monday.
Now we're home, he was active for awhile, less than normal though. But now he won't eat, not even a piece of chip (He loves them). He has also been vomiting again even though he had a shot for it. And he started sleeping a lot again. I'm so worried about him, I don't even know what to do.... ):
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Awwww.. poor Tom; get him back to vet ASAP..
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Tom needs to get back in to his Vet! Please feel better, little boy!
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If I sound rude I'm sorry, but what is going back to the vet going to do >_<.
The vet we used made it sound like he has done everything in his power to find out what is wrong, and now we have to wait for the blood tests.
The vet let us take him home because they are closed on the weekend, and people only "check in" on the animals
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At least calling the vet and explaining the situation is in order. I'm so sorry that he is so sick I do hope it turns out not to be too serious.
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You don't sound rude at all, friend, you sound like a worried parent. I truly feel for you right now. In recommending that you take Tom back to the Vet, I didn't realize it was an office that was closed on the weekend. It's wonderful you were able to bring your baby home, Tom is surely so much more comfortable this way, and you surely are, as well. I'd be horrified at the thought of leaving one my girlies at the Vet's office all weekend when they were merely "checking in" that way.

The IV fluids Tom was given at the Vet were surely helpful at the time, but it's my concern that he is becoming dehydrated again. The fact that he is continuing to refuse food and water and is vomiting again despite the shot he received is extremely worrisome, as is his lethargy. Does your Vet have an emergency off hours number where he can be reached? I'm wondering if he may need to go in to the ER Vet for fluids? Monday is a long way off when it comes to a kitty who can become quickly dehydrated. I know you want to do everything necessary for the health of your little boy.
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Thank you for all your answers so far,
but no the vet did not leave us an emergency number.
Do you think buying a syringe and giving him water and food by that means would be good enough until monday?

What is scaring me the most is how thin he has gotten, hes not very thin but he now has a small dent after his ribs. My other cat has much bigger dents and is healthy, but he has never had them before..
sorry if you dont know what I'm talking about...
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Sounds like he may have fatty liver disease. Classic symptoms are not eating/drinking, weight loss and vomiting. If he doesn't have it, not eating for any longer will cause that. so you MUST get food into him. The syringe feeding is the best way.... as much as you can until you get him back to the vet.

Mix wet food with warm water (blend if possible) and syringe 1ml at a time into his mouth pointed slightly forward from the time so you don't aspirate the food. This may cause him to vomit more but as long as the food is into him for awhile he will get nutirents.

Did the vet check his skin colour?? Check the skin by his ears.... not eating can cause rapid liver failure in cats and his skin will be yellow...... if he is at this point he HAS TO HAVE FOOD, and he may even need an emergency vet to get a feeding tube into him.

Also did the vet give him any fluids/ IV or otherwise? This is very important and can kick start them into eating again/feeling better. If not he probably needs fluids ASAP

Edit: I see that he did get fluids, but I agree he may need more before Monday. Syringe feeding will get fluids into him as well as food but often it isn't enough. The only reason I know this is because kismet went through this, lost over half her body weight and I had to syringe feed her for weeks and give her subQ fluids to save her life.

Good luck and wishing you tons of good vibes
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Hepatic Lipidosis is most definitely a danger for kitties in this situation. Cats should never, ever go more than a short period without eating. It's very serious and quickly becomes life threatening. Please let us know what his blood work reveals when it comes in Monday.

If you are unable to get Tom to an ER Vet, yes, please assist syringe feed him. He must have nourishment! Our member in the previous post has given great advice for how to go about it as far as adding water to wet food to make it into a consistency that will go through the syringe. Please be sure to point the syringe slightly toward Tom's cheek instead of straight toward his throat so that he doesn't aspirate. It's also helpful to not tilt his head back, but instead, try to keep his head in the natural lying or sitting position.

You may want to check out this great Feline Assist Feeding group for tips.

Please keep us updated on how Tom is progressing, he's definitely in my prayers.
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Some good-ish news.
Last night he ate some of the vets prescribed canned food, and peed on my bathroom rug >_> (we think he has a UTI because he will not pee in the litter), but that means he at least had something to pee out. This morning he ate some kibble too, and has not thrown up.
He seems to be feeling a bit better, he being very loving again like before he got sick, and seems a bit more lively.
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that is good news, keep it up and have that UTI dealt with ASAP. Just be careful and keep an eye on him, these things can get a little better before they get much worse. But I'm really sending vibes that your kitty will keep up his eating. Did you check his skin colour?
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Yeah, hes mostly white so its easy to tell.
And hes his normal pinkish color lol
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excellent! well I hope he gets all cleared up! good luck
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Yay, Tom, for eating a bit! Thank you for the update!
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What did the Vet give him?
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Hill's prescription diet c/d (I guess for his UTI (if he has one)) and i/d (the one for digestive things)
So far he has not even finished a can, but he has eaten little bits of it and kibble several times today.
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Coco is on the C/D and Royal Canin Urinary.
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Does the C/D actually help get rid of a UTI or whatever its designed for, or just keep it away?
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Originally Posted by jlc1209 View Post
Does the C/D actually help get rid of a UTI or whatever its designed for, or just keep it away?
most script foods for UTI actually dissolve the crystals, i think...
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It disolves them and stops them from forming. Coco has Antibiotics also. Did the Vet give you any?
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He has not given us any medicine yet, but thats because I don't think he actually tested for UTI. We just told him that Tom wont pee in the litter, and we think he may have a UTI.
His blood work came back and all the vet said is that he has parasites, we need to get a poop sample from our other cat and get her weighed before we start him on antiboitics though. I don't know why o_0. If the blood sample is what told him Tom had parasites why does he want my other cats poop?
And what are parasites? Is it just a term that covers a lot of different things?
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It could be Worms. if it is then it can spread t rge other Cats. I still think his Urine should have been tested.
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When he was at the vet he had no drank anything for awhile,
so I guess they could not get a sample o_0
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They can give Sub Q's and wait a little bit then get a sample.
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Took my 8 yr old cat to the vet today and he's said that she has liver failure. Punky, my cat, has had a clean bill of health her whole life and has responded well to change as far as cats go. The first of June we moved into a new house and got a new dog. Punky wasn't pleased but I made sure that she got extra attention and toys. When I took her and her sister (Roxie) for their yearly check ups Punky weighed in at 19 pounds and I was advised to put her on a diet. So, I switched to the weight control Iams (i've always fed them Iams).

Last week we went on vacation from Wed thru Sunday. We had someone keep the dog but left Punky and Roxie with plenty of food, water, and several litter boxes. I thought this would be less stressful than boarding them considering all the changes in their lives recently. Sunday when we returned I noticed that Punky wasn't acting herself. I found her hiding in my closet and I picked her up and she was light as a feather! I started looking back and realized (hindsight being 20/20) that she hadn't been as friendly and had been keeping to herself for probably 2-3 weeks. Before this there wasn't any indication of a problem. This morning she was drinking water and even came out to roam around the house when our dog went outside for the day (the dog stays inside at night and when weather is bad).
But I made her a vet appointment anyway and while putting her in her carrier noticed her mouth was a pale yellowish color.

The vet says he has no way of telling how long its been going on or what might have caused it. Could she really have starved herself, causing liver damage, because we left her for 5 days? She's getting IV fluids and food and staying with the Vet until at least Friday. He suggested I not see her again today and come back tomorrow.

How can this happen so suddenly? I really can't look back and notice anything different until about 2 weeks ago, 3 at the absolute most. If she turns around, what do I do when she comes home to keep it from happening again?

I would do anything for my animals to keep them happy and healthy. I just don't know what to think....
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Your cat has fatty liver syndrome and it might not be an easy road. This is more common then you would imagine and I've been through it. My cat kismet stopped eating and we never have figured out why, but often it is emotional, so it it likely from all the change and you being away. In overweight cat's it is worse (kismet wasn't overweight). How ever Fatty liver syndrome (or hepadic lipidosis) is cureable, however as I said if your cat is jaundice it won't be easy.

It is good you have your vet looking after her. Food and fluids is the only cure. If your cat doesn't start eating talk to your vet about getting a feeding tube, it isn't that big a deal, but it will save your cats life, I can't stress enough that food is the ONLY cure.

I know this is all overwhelming and here are some resources

Once you hear from the vet please update, and please PM me if you have any specific questions

Good luck to you and your kitty

Depending on how bad it is, it can take weeks - months for them to start eating unfortunately, as for it not happening again? getting him to lose weight and carefully monitoring eating is all you can do, the blood panel will likely indicate that there is nothing wrong but liver enzymes which means it probably won't happen again........

I know how hard this is
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Thank you for your quick reply. I posted this as a new thread out of anxiousness. Sorry.

I'm going by the vet on my lunch hour tomorrow to see her. The vet said that he'd probably have me try to feed her tomorrow while I"m there. I"m just so amazed at how sudden it could happen and sad that my actions could have caused it. The vet said on a scale of 1-10 Punky's liver failure was a 6 or 7. He didn't call it Fatty Liver Syndrome though? Should I ask him about it?

Thank you again for your response. It eases my mind a little.
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You can't blame yourself! nobody can predict this!!! You are doing everything you can, visiting your kitty at the vet will make him happy. Ask your vet about the disease but be aware many vets are not overly aggressive with feeding, check out the message board I sent you.

I will keep my eye on your other thread from now on...........
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hey my cats doing same thing .i cannot afford vet.he is a hunter by nature .feild mice ect... he ran in scared few days ago sat on couach like c

scared hr later he went to go out window but didnt make it threw up looked to be like very small tammpon i dont know for shure though .his gas is very potent smell and is under coauch.not going any were hes very sick when do i force water in mouth.or do i .can u tell me what you gert for an answer please chris deangelis .thank you

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My cat had same problem, vet told me he will die from within two weeks....
I searched internet and found out that it could be fatty liver disease. I force feed him for a week - special Eukanuba cat food, vitamin supplements, special kitten milk and Sam-e, mood support people dietary supplement from Walgreens -1/2pill once a day. I also took him for fluids few times every other day. After a week he started eating on his own and became normal again. It was 1.5 years ago and he is still healthy.
Good luck and don't believe in everything your vet says. Check internet for some advice!
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