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I'm here everyone!!!

I'm not touching your flowers!!

Oh but she did!


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Cats LIE!

Including Rosie. We all know she touched the flowers, she probably even tasted them!

S'ok Rosie, we love you anyway.
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Well hello there Rosie, you little cutiepie!
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Who, me touch the flowers! You know I wouldn't do that. What, you don't believe me? I'm trustworthy; I'm a cat.
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Oh too cute Lucia heard Rosie and came running in to the den all wide eyed
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OMG, she is a doll. I am in love.
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Now I know what she sounds like!. Oh Rosie, you are such a cutiepie!
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Awww! Rosie live and in person! Love her little meows and meeps! She's such a dainty girl
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There's our girl........Hi Rosie!
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She's just tooooo cute! I love the videos! I laughed so hard watching her play with that flower!
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Awwww!!! What a cutie! Soooo expressive! Love her little meepy-machine-gun meow!

BTW - love your sunroom!
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Your sweet Rosie really tries to communicate Susan.
I love hearing her voice.
Jack wanted to know what all the fun was about.

I would love to see more videos of your sweetie pies.
Come on Sophie, show us your stuff.
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She sounds so so SOOOO adorable! That's the first time I've heard Rosie's voice... and I'm in lurve
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Aww! So nice to hear the voice behind all those open-mouth pictures!
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Precious pictures of her, and the video's are classic. Now I know why you always said she chatters. Simba does that sometimes, but only when he's looking out the window and he see's a bird.

I wish you could have caught Jack speaking a bit. I've wondered what he sounds like. I imagine Sophie has a soft quiet little meow.
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What a cutie! I really love her face, and her black nose!

I have been thinking that nose reminds me of someone, and I have it! The scarecrow in The Wizard of OZ!
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Oh, I just love her little chittering!!!
From now on when I see an open-mouthed pic of her, I'll hear her chittering in my head!
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Aww how cute is Rosie! I thought she meowed/talked not this chitter.
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What a cute Rosie! I will have to watch the videos with sound when I get back to SC!
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Aww, what beautiful kitties!
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OhMyGosh, Rosie!....I'm in love all over again

She is just the cutest!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Oh, I just love her little chittering!!!
From now on when I see an open-mouthed pic of her, I'll hear her chittering in my head!
I always imagined a louder more prolonged meow. This is so sweet.
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I don't know how I missed the link to the videos the first time I looked at this thread.
I just watched them, what a sweet little voice she has.

Rosie, you are just the sweetest little thing
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Awww, Rosie! She is such a sweetheart. She's so incredibly adorable!
I love Rosie.
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Hi Rosie!! You pretty little girl
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Awww that cute little voice!!! She sounds like my Dusty. She has a tiny meow like that. The only time her meows were loud is when she went to the vet for her spay. She found her voice then!
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She's so cute! The little noises she was making made me giggle.
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Yay! So nice to see a video of her
She sounds nothing like I expected. For some reason I thought she was going to be like Kitty but she has a much more lady like meow.

When`s it Sophies and Jacks turn, or have I missed it
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.....My adorable Niece!.......

Great Videos Susan!...
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Aw Rosie says hello! How prescious is she!

Susan- what was she batting around in that first video? She looked like she was really enjoying herself!
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