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My biggest fear...

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as a truck driver is a car or truck coming across the median at me on the interstate.

Yesterday, it happened. Fortunately, the end was nowhere as bad as it could have been.

I was going east on I-10 west of Lafayette, LA, when I saw a car going west lose control. It skidded sideways into the median, then headed straight at me, going backwards. When it got just to the edge of road on my side, it went sideways again, looped back into the median, and slowly spun to a stop.

How close was it? Well, I was on my brakes and on my shoulder, slowing down, but it threw dirt under my truck as I went by!
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Yikes! So glad that you are ok!!
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Oh wow! That had to be rather scary for both you and the driver who lost control. I cant even imagine being in either position! Glad everyone is alright.
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holy cow!! i'm so glad everyone in the situation was alright!!!
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So did you completely stop and check out the other vehicle??

Living in snow country I get worried about accidents during snowy conditions which did happen to me as I went into the ditch to avoid getting hit.

I bet your heart was pounding quite a bit from that-hope you are doing better today.
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:-o Oh my gosh!! Thank goodness you're both all right!
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I saw the driver get out of the car. I wasn't in a position to stop, and there was nothing I could do at that point, anyway.

The car almost rolled over; it got two wheels about 4 feet in the air, but came back down. I imagine they had to change their underwear!
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Gosh! That is scary! Glad nothing bad happened! Where in Texas do you live? I am in Houston!
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Yikes! I would've freaked out! I wonder what caused that driver to lose control like that?
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I live in the Dallas area.

The most common cause of that type of accident is being distracted or falling asleep (and occasionally blowing a tire), running to the right, and then jerking the steering wheel back to the left. This one wasn't a blown tire.
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Thank God you are ok!!! That was a close call!
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