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New Kitten Chases Adult

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Hi! My adult cat is 8 years old, and was never socialized with other cats. He did adapt well to life with our dachshund and Pitt Bull, so we weren't too concerned about him when we brought home a new kitten several weeks ago. We are letting him take a LONG time to get used to the kitten, though. The adult has the run of the house, and the kitten lives in our bedroom right now with short, supervised visits into the main house.

The thing is, now that my adult has stopped hissing at the kitten, he's started letting her chase him all over the place. I don't think he's having fun, though he's never been totally cornered. She seems to be awfully forward about trying to play, wapping him in the nose with her paws and so forth. He's unfortunately declawed, but the kitten will be keeping her claws. He'll do a little "air boxing" sometimes (the kitten delightedly rolls over onto her back for the game) but basically he always starts to run and she thinks it's great so she chases him. I know he's alarmed but he never retreats to a high perch, just lets her run him around the room like my dogs do to the rabbits out back. Once he even ran right into a rocking chair in his haste. Is this normal? I'm not sure what to think since he doesn't get up on the table or counter top to get away from her. I'm no longer worried about the kitten's safety, I'm more worried about the adult's sanity. What's y'all's advice?
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It sounds normal to me?. My Jack who recently turned 1 does that with Sophie who's 4 years old. Rosie will wrestle with him no problem, but Sophie doesn't want to play and runs away from him, or gets the odd bop on the head to tell him to stop.

With him being declawed it might be best to start clipping the kittens claws to get her used to it so no accidents happen to your little boy
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I also had the same problem with a new young cat chasing the oldet cats, I brought him in from the outside a stray, he wouldn't stop as soon as he saw one of the cats he would chase them, then he spot another, so he'd turn and chased that one. He was taking them all on at the same time. They were thoroughly annoyed by him but they seemed to realize he wasn't trying to fight them just play with them. Finally, after a few a month or so he calmed down a lot. Now they all get a long, my older 10 year old cat tolerates him.
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I appreciate this. I feel badly knowing it annoys my adult male. He gets all swishy-tail and frowny after awhile. He swats her a good one, lots of times, but it really doesn't deter her much. She does have her claws clipped, but heaven knows what she does during the day because they get sharp again SO quick.

I'm only letting them be together when I'm home, so only in the evenings. And I'm giving the adult time with us with no kitten around, so I guess I'm doing okay. I just don't want him to start spraying! If General starts spraying, my husband will definitely make me find a home for one of them, and I just can't do that. I was there for her when the kitten (Hyoi) was only a day old, and General man has been my best buddy since I was in college.
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