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Weird faces

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he he, I managed to take a really weird picture of Inka! I was about to take a picture of here while she was napping, and all of a sudden: BINGO!! Oh oh, I gave her a huge hug as a reward!!

please post weird pics of your cats too!
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Wow look at that long tongue!

Inka looks possessed!
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Ever notice when the kittys drink they seem to have tongues like 3inches long, with my Prudence the same happens when she takes a bath. Dali:blossom:
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I know this is so mean, but have you ever given your cat a small bit of peanut butter? It sticks to their tongue and while they're trying desperately to get it off...their poor little tongues are sticking as far as possible out of their mouths! It kinda funny, but it's so evil of me to do that!
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I would post one if I could, but I don't have a camera now but soon I will...My kitties are always making weird faces..That is priceless!!!
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:LOL: That's too cute! I'm going to have to see if I have any funny ones of Spike...
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That's too cute, what a long tongue!
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awww so cute!!
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LOL Shell! I've never given my cats peanut butter, but I have given my dog peanut butter. She's this adorable white pomeranian (she lives with my mom now), and her tiny little tongue just starts flapping 90 miles a minute.

That picture is really great btw. I can never seem to get ones like that of my boys. When they see the camera they refuse to be still
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that's all I gotta say
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oh yeah, I forgot about this one
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cute pics... ('course now i want to nap... )
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oooohhh.... creepy....
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