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Your Opinions on Chicken Feed used as Litter?

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I searched the thread and found nothing on this so I have to ask.

Do you have an opinion on Chicken Feed used as a litter? I used it for two or three years, but recently switched to Nature's Miracle and Arm & Hammer High Performance for the following reasons.
1. We have a problem with leaks in the basement and the litter that gets kicked out of the box molds very easy and I don't want anyone getting sick from that.
2. I am no longer able to physically handle the fifty pound bags.

Although I've never had anyone eat it, I always considered the chicken feed a safe clumping choice for kittens since it shouldn't cause a problem if it is ingested. True?

For me the point is moot now, but I'm sure others using chicken feed may also be curious about this.

Thank you for taking the time to come and answer questions. Anyone that can shed more light on our fur kids is always very welcome and appreciated.
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I have been using the chicken feed for years. My boxes are upstairs. I would not put it in the basement because it will grow mold down there.

I have never had a problem, except now the price has gone up because it is made of corn.

The feed store guy puts it in my car, and I drag it onto a dolly when I get home, and wheel it in the house.
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many store s have 25lbs also
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I liked it when I used it, but then found my Joshua who was on a very restricted diet due to ibd and ?food allergies was ..ahem...eating the fresh/clean chicken feed. Not good, so we stopped using it.
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I used it for several months. I run a dehumidifier in the basement during the summer but I didn't have a mold problem either. My bag got wet however due to a septic tank problem and I could save part of the bag but tossed out the rest.
If you have multiple boxes you can use in one just to stretch out the other litter a bit further. It seemed to clump ok and I didn't have an odor problem.
I haven't bought for a year and I don't know what the growing price is but its still has to be cheaper than the 40# box of cat litter I currently buy.
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Over the past two or so years, it went from 13 for 50 lbs, to 17. I haven't bought it for around two months, I will be due in a week or so, so who knows how much it has gone up now. I like it because it is natural. I can't stand the dusty commercial clumping litters, and can never use the ones with fragrance. I think this choice is better for the cats, and my health. I will continue to use it until it becomes more expensive than the commercial stuff. Then I may have to rethink it.
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I'll move this to Care & Grooming for you.
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It doesn't do much on odor at all- so i'm personally not a huge fan of it. It works ok for some people though. I use Swheat Scoop when i have little foster kittens and Regular scoopable litter for my adults. It's just a personal preferance though- i like the clumping and odor control of regular scoopable litters better.
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The Purina Layena is still less than $12.00 a bag here, so it is still cost effective. I never had a problem with odor, but I think the type of cat food they are eating may have something to do with that too.

The Arm & Hammer and Nature's Miracle seems to have a stronger scent than I remember, but I'm sure my nose has a flawed memory.

I believe my kits are ok with the switch. I have one box that still has chicken feed in it and it's not being used any more or less that before I switched.

One thing I have found is that in using different kinds of boxes is that they do use the wide, flat open boxes more than the taller enclosed boxes, but that is neither here nor there in regards to what litter is being used.

My mate and I both have back problems and I will probably be having surgery this year so that is why I want to remove the possibility of me even moving a large bag around. Once I have surgery I will be restricted to 10 lbs. or less for six months after surgery and nothing over 20 lbs. for life.

Having been a darned independent "macho type" woman all my life, I would throw those fifty pound bags on my shoulder and carry them down the stairs every bit as good as my guy. Well, just because I am going to have surgery and restrictions doesn't mean my thinking will change in a day, so temptation must be removed. (I'm sure many of you ladies know exactly what I mean.)

Anyway, I do think it's a safe clumping option to use for kittens and as long as a person has no water/high humidity problems is a good inexpensive choice as a litter. I've never had any problems with bugs or vermin because of it and if I had a good strong back, (or someone to do my heavy work for me), I would be sticking with it.

I appreciate everyones comments and input on this.

Thank you so much!
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Pat's not the only one - my cats thought it was food too so it's not an option for us.
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