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Help - advice needed - little kitty in need.

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Hi I'm new to the site, so apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong forum, but I need some advice/ help on a poor little kitty in my care right now.

My concern is about one of the stray kittens we have. The kitten was born about 2/3 weeks back in our garden. Recently the mother cat has moved the kitten out of hiding and on the same day a cat from another house came in and attacked the kittens.

I don't know the details, but all I know is that the kitten was bitten on the neck and there are 2 pucture wounds and it was bleeding a lot. We went to the hospital and was told the temperature is low and the heart rate is faint.

The kitten was on drip for about a day and the hospital called and said the chance of survival is rare and gave her back to us.

The kitten is still drinking water and some milk (the hospital didnt advise which supplements to give but for some reason, she can't stand or sit and has been lying down for the past few days.

She move her hind legs and her front legs independently but when she tries to sit, her neck just doesn't hold up. I don't really know how to explain it, apart from that it flops from one side to the other so she has no balance. (I assume when the older cat got hold of her by the neck, it started to shake her around, so maybe something is broken but we don't know what.) The vet suspected that she may have fractured something in her spine but was very vague.

I think they have given up on her but we don't want to. Is there anything you can think of that we could do, or give her (the hospital didnt tell us what to feed her but gave us some antibiotic medication or something of the like?)

Please. any advice is most appreciated.
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Can you try another Vet?
Some Cats can live like that for 20 years.
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Can you get her records from the hospital that she was in and take those records with your kitten to another vet. It could be many different things, but until you know exactly what is wrong you won't know what to do for her.

So sorry you are going through this. Most important is for the kitten not to suffer.
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I'm sorry to hear such a sad thing ):
I would also advise you to go to another vet SOON.
If they didn't even tell you what to feed it, they are not very good to begin with
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Yeah. If they thought the cat was going to die they should at least have told you how to make sure it was comfortable; and it sounds like this cat may be determined enough to pull through. Get yourself another vet.
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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to update you a little about Chokedee (we have named him (I thought it was a she but she is actually a he) "good luck" in Thai).

As per one of the suggestions I received on here, I went ahead and got the KMR milk formula for him and a couple of nursing bottles and he has been lapping it up. We've cleaned him up a little because we realised the hospital had not cleaned up the blood that was clotting up his nose, I think that's why he was breathing through his mouth and left it open a lot.

He seems to be a little more active but not as much as we would like. He can still move his legs and has attempted to get up a couple of times but to our sadness, he is having difficulty with that because everytime he tries to stand or sit up, his neck doesn't hold up and keeps flopping from side to side. If his neck is broken, can he move other parts of his body?

His legs and pads on his feet are getting a little colder so we try to gently massage him to get the blood circulating (he's often sleeping on one side for prolonged periods of time cos he can't move by himself unless we wake him up to feed him) and I am kind of relieved yesterday because for the first time in many days I saw him try to poop and pee.

He doesn't have much energy in him because he wasn't taking in much nutrients, just water and another milk formula not designed for kittens (so thanks for the recommendation on KMR). Anyway, I fed him some water and milk yesterday and he meowed quite a bit and then much to my excitement (I know, weird) I saw him trying to poo. So I massaged him a little and helped him out the only way I could. Then after the massage he also peed. God, I was relieved about that at least his system is not completely destroyed. I have my fingers crossed and will keep feeding him regularly, whilst I am at work my mum is helping to look after him.

We talk to him every night just to kind of give him some love and encouragement.. I know.. that might sound weird to some people but hey, it's the only way we know how. The vet had previously said that he will be brain damaged but didnt' go into it, so I don't quite know if that is having any effect on his coordination and movement. He is always falling asleep though and though his eyes have opened he's not very responsive to movement.. and doesn't blink much.

I am trying to research a few vets to take him to in Singapore because the hospital we usually go to for our cats has really disappointed me in their treatment of him. Yes he is a stray, yes he may not survive but seriously, I was really PISSED off (for lack of a better expression) that they couldn't care less about him. Of all the cats we've brought to them for treatment, this is the first time I have ever experienced such poor consideration for the animals and the owners and trust me, we've tried out enough animal hospitals and vet clinics. So I am in search of one here that won't dismiss him or tell us he needs to be put down.

Thanks again everyone for caring about Chokedee, we all appreciate it.
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As a little encouragement, my brother has an outdoor cat who, when she was about half grown, came home with her head behaving much as you describe. She lay down just under the house, and didn't move for at least 3 days. Then she got up, and began to move around, eat, etc., but with a strange twist to her neck. She survived, and has even had kittens since then.

I would guess that a good (well, maybe a great) vet would immobilise the neck, giving it a chance to heal if it is broken. This would be extremely expensive, I'm sure.
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