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Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg!

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I just can't believe it. I'm looking around for houses on the internet and right in my city, well, a 20 minute drive from here is this;

"Magnificent pastoral country 3.5 acre estate! Custom built 1990 2 level residence with 6265 sq.ft. of quality living area; 5 bedrooms plus an office & 6 bathrooms including a nanny suite. Light & bright, high ceilings, huge windows, hardwood & tile floors, in floor heat, new kitchen, triple garage. Separate 40' x 20' barn with loft, 12' x 12' storage shed, 2 ponds, hay field. Peaceful setting in a friendly neighborhood "Central" to all amenities. Terrific !"

Can you take a guess at how much it would cost?? Now this is Victoria, B.C., where a decent house is $250,000.


We're calling first thing in the morning and are going to try and grab it. Any house outside of Victoria immediately drops in price, but this is unbelievable! It's got to be a typo but it says at the bottom that "The above information is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. Please do not remove this notice."


Wish me luck!!! This might be my first house, if it's not a typo and not completely in the middle of nowhere....
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Good luck Tamme! We bought our place for $69,500 and recently had it appraised at $102,400 I just wish we would finish all the remodeling! Maybe someday........ Hope you get your home soon.
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thank-you hissy. I just checked the site again and it said the page has been deleted I tried again and again and it wouldn't come back. Finally I called Darrell and I checked again and it was back! Phew! I e-mailed them and will call in the morning as well. What a scare!

All that room for the cats to run around in!!!


BTW, one of the managers at Darrell's work said it might be a divorce thing. They pick a price and split it, or something. oh well, better for us!
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HOLY COW! I hope it's not a typo and that you get it! It sounds wonderful.
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OMG!!!!! Tamme that sounds so fantastic!!!! Definitely check into it...I'm really interested in what you find out about this!
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Good luck! I know that buying a house is an incredible feeling, and even more so if you get a good deal!

The people who sold us ours had to sell quickly because they were settling an estate ( the mother had died recently ). Homes here on Cape Cod are astronomical ( like an average home is $300,00 for 3 bedrooms ) , but ours was about 75% of the actual retail value so we got a great deal!!!!

I hope you are able to get it!
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I decided to check on the real estate agent's web site to cross reference the price and it turns out that it was a typo after all. The property is going for $975,000.

I'm sorry if any of you got as excited about that prospect as me...

What a downer.

Oh well, it was foolish to try and look anyways, we weren't planning on buying a house until next year and there will be great houses for sale then too, right? I only looked because my girlfriend just bought a house and I thought "if she can do it, then I certainly can" thinking that I was better off than her. Well I forgot that her boyfriend has rich parents who decided to give him his inheritance now AND co-sign. Interesting how you overlook those very important facts when your high on house hunting.

oh well. Better to wait than to jump into something too early. Darrell still wants to call them and see which one is real, but I think it's obvious...

ok, sorry to rant.
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it would of cost too much to heat such a big house anyway.
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hehe thanks Tamara. I guess I was kinda hopin Darrell and I could make our own heat and produce some babies to fill the rooms!

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I must be morbid - after reading the description and seeing the price, my thought was, "It's a typo - or the scene of a gruesome murder!" Maybe I'd better stop reading so many true-crime books!
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LOL jcat! I was actually thinking what I would do with all that space. I was hoping there would be a few nice ghosts that could keep me company...

I like that stuff.
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Cool Tamme, hope it works out!! Post pics of the place if/when you have them.
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Wow, what a great price! I hope you all get it!! Good Luck!!!!!
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Get a realitor and give them the price range you are looking for, areas acceptable, etc. We found our realitor on line, looked at prospective houses online, and they have insentives there too. For example, we got $100. and moving boxes by choosing a realitor from a certain site.
It took 3 weeks and we only went out on weekends, as we were moving to another town. Good luck!!!
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Oh, I'm sorry it was a typo... that's too bad. But I'm sure you'll find the perfect house when you're really looking for one. And look on the bright side... can you imagine how long it would take to clean a 6000+ sqft house??
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Tamme, it really sounded too good to be true!!! But wouldn't it be fun to actually live in a place like that?
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That's too bad it was a typo!! But still, that would be a ton of work to keep up such a huge house and grounds! I'm sure you'll find something just perfect, though! Good luck!!!!
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awwww that sticks it was a typo
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ya, it totally sticks. but it would be too big to heat and to clean. but still, it's the only house that has avtually made me want to have babies. And believe me, I've always said no babies, not yet. but this house was like a dream. oh well The house
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Six bathrooms?! I hate having to clean just ONE!

Its gorgeous but you'd need a staff, to keep it up. Even my Bill wouldn't want to deal with that yard and he LOVES to play farmer.
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Tamme, what a house to die for!! When Rob and I were looking for our current home last year, I always found the MLS listings to be wrong in some respect. Whenever I found a home I liked I always called the realtor to confirm the facts. Here in Toronto, I hit the worst time to find a home because houses were selling within hours of being listed!! That's why it took us close to a year to find this place, and there were 3 other bids on this house besides ours!!

I'm so glad the process is over, but it was fun to search for the ultimate dream home from those listings!!

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Bill and I spent about 3 months, house-hunting. Our first bid fell through, because the realtor lied to us. We got another realtor and re-submitted the bid on this house and got it.

There was only one other house, that we liked better, than this one but it was $236,000 and we could not afford that. Our cutoff was $100,000 and we got this one for $90,000.

Our realtor was cool. We gave her a geographic area, price range, number of bedrooms and she gave us a computer printout of available houses. We drove around each neighborhood and checked them out and told her which ones that we wanted to look at closer.

We looked at some pretty crappy places. This house suits us, just fine. The rooms are large enough, it has a big, fenced backyard and gas for heating and cooking.

Keep looking - something will turn up.
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Tamme - sorry about the typo. When you are ready get an agent looking for you. They can get things before the sign goes on the lawn - we bought our house the day it went on the market. There wasn't even a sign and only agents knew about, but our agent was fantastic! We told her what we were looking for and she kept trying until we found the perfect house for us (we probably looked at about 50 houses over 3 months)
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