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Could I get some vibes for good luck please???

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Lately it seems the only kind of luck I've been having is bad luck. And unfortunately, this post has gotten kind of long.

It all started this past winter. For some unknown reason, my lower back and right leg got sore and felt kind of stiff. It got to the point that when I sat down and got up again, I was so sore I had difficulty walking. After a few steos the pain would improve and I could move easily again. At night I would have this pain too, and sometimes it would be difficult to sleep. Finally, the pain cleared up.

I work in a nursing home, shortly after the pain in my back and leg cleared up, I had an injury at work. I was in one of the utility rooms and as I was leaving, I hit my head on the cabinet next to the door. I thought I was ok so I walked out into the hall. And that's when I realized I was bleeding very heavily and the blood was dripping onto the floor and getting all over my uniform. I had to go to the nurses station where I was cleaned up and then taken to the doctor for stitches.

A couple of months later, I got hurt at work again. I was busy making one of the beds. My foot got caught on the manual hand crank that was sticking out from the bed, (crank changes the bed's position). By the time I realized my foot was caught, I was already falling to the floor, and I tried to catch myself with my arm. One of my co-workers realized I was hurt and so I had about 3 nurses rushing to the room to check me out. It was very embarassing, and my arm was stiff, sore and bruised for a couple of weeks. It's almost healed now.

Now that my arm is better, I have come down with a cold and a cough, and I'm going to have to go to work like this on Monday. So I will really appreciate all the good luck vibes I can get.

And speaking of work, the employer keep increasing our responsibilities, So can I also get some vibes that they will come to their senses and quit doing that?

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Jus' kidding.

Good luck to you and your well being! I really hope things improve for you. I'm glad to know that your arms better.

Best of luck to you!
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I really hope things start looking up for you soon!!
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I hope everything begins to look up, and that your employers dont work you to the bone by piling up new responsibilities!
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It sounds like you're having a really bad year, Lorie. and that your luck changes, and that your employer sees that the added responsibilities and rushing just raise the risk of injury.
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Oh dear, sorry to hear you've been getting battered and bruised all over! Here are some Good Luck vibes for you Let's hope this is just a phase, and that it will be over soon
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eeep we should wrap you in bubble wrap!!:vib es: hope things go better
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"My mother told me there'd be days like this...but she didn't tell me there'd be whole years!"
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Originally Posted by Mer636 View Post
eeep we should wrap you in bubble wrap!!:vib es: hope things go better
We may just have to do that, Lorie.

Gentle ones... and some too.
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