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New kitten chasing adult cats

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Hello everyone, I just became a member today, thanks for having me! I've read in the forums before and found lots of helpful info but this time around, I had to post our situation...I really need some advice.

We have a male cat Gizmo, 12 yrs and a Blossom, a female 5 yrs who we've had since they were babies.

Mid-May we took in Timmy, a stray 3 1/2 month old male kitten with a fractured hip. We had to keep him in a crate for 4 weeks until he was healed. While he was in the crate he was separated from the other two but on occasion we would bring the crate into the living room where the other cats saw him and sniffed and Timmy was curious too and things seemed ok. We have had him neutered but not declawed. We set up a spare room for Timmy with his own litter box, food, water, toys, beds, etc. where we keep him while we aren't home. In the last week or so we have let Timmy out with the other two for supervised visits. Timmy won't stop chasing the adult cats. He chases them under our bed and they hiss and growl at him but he won't stop. After a few hours the cats come out but as soon as Timmy sees them he goes after them again. We have tried the water bottle and clapping our hands but it seems like he is in his own zone and those things don't have an effect. We have a Feliway diffuser in the living room. Timmy seems worse with the female then the male cat. I can't figure out if he's just playing or being mean to them. He is a loveable kitten when it's just us and our other 2 cats are wonderful.

Have any of you had this problem? How long did it take for them to start tolerating each other? Is there anything I should be doing different?

I feel so bad for the adults, is there anything anyone can recommend?

Thank you so much!
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How long has he been running loose with the other cats? Sorry if I missed that.

It takes cats a very long time to accept a new kitty in their space. Females are especially protective of their teritory. That could be the reason your little one isn't getting along with the female at all.

From what I've read on TCS it takes an average of 2 months for cats to fully adjust to eachother, but it can take much longer.

My personal experience: Enzo (male) was first then Leya (female). Enzo really liked Leya from the start, but Leya wasn't fond of him, but it took about a month for them to get along (male cat owned the space). Then we got Stuart (male) Leya was NOT happy (female cat owned the space). Enzo accepted Stuart completely within a month. Leya however was VERY angry for an entire month, then at two months she tolerated Stuart, and at three months she didn't mind Stuart.

Don't be discouraged! Time is all it takes!
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Timmy only wants to be friends and play. The other 2 will tell him in their own feline way if he is getting too rowdy. I see no reason to interfere.
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Just chiming in to say that kittens can be exhausting - to older cats as well as humans - so it's a good idea to let the older cats have some non-kitten hours every day in another room.
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I had the same situation I had 4 other cats at the time and Charley was approximately 10 months old when I brought him in the house. He is such a gentle, sweet little guy only problem was when he'd see the other cats he'd chase them all, he would run on 3 legs and left the fourth up so he could hit them as he went by. They all hissed and growled. I felt sorry for them too, but I noticed they were kind of curious about him, they'd watch him from a a safe place. He was very wild but just wanted to play. It took a few months for him to calm down, and the rest of them accepted him too. Your cats, like mine, can tell he isn't trying to be aggresive, he just wants to play.
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It's been a week or so since we've let Timmy out for supervised visits. He goes into his room at night when we go to sleep and the other two still sleep with us at night. When we are at work he stays in his room as well. He's got lots of toys and a TV in there, too.

Thank all of you for your help! I'm glad to know that it is more so that he is just playing...that is a relief. He is a bit crazy.

Thanks again and I'll keep you posted!!
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