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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Very nice morning here, sunny and just a nice 24 degrees..It looks like it's going to get much hotter though.

Heading off to work for a bit, should be done by 3 so that's not to bad..

There is a sport bike rally here this weekend and that makes for a noisy place. They are having tons of activities and contests down by the waterfront and are having what's called the thunder run at 6 tonight. It's really impressive to see because we generally get between 3000-4000 people participating. I can watch it from my deck so that's my entertainment for tonight.

The kitties are good, they are all sitting in the window watching the hummingbirds. I have around 6 in the crab apple blossoms outside my window..

Everyone have a great day
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We're going to buy bikes so we can go biking on the weekends. I can't wait, I hope they have the one I want in stock!
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John's friend is coming over to work on a boat with him, so I'll probably sit outside and watch them. If it doesn't rain too hard, I'll work with the horses for awhile. Then it's just sitting here waiting for the awesome steak dinner to be made this evening, I'm starving already!
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Gotta go shopping for new food for DH. He needs to lower his cholesterol, so we both will be eating very different, healthy food. We both know we have needed to change our diets, so the BP scare has made us make a change. I made totally healthy breakfast with egg beaters & soy bacon, not great, but it was edible and I know it will get better with time. Got a great low cholesterol cookbook yesterday.
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Good morning!

Its currently 75* with a high of 86* here in NC today - 40% chance of showers - boo!

Rob and I might go to Concord Mills Mall today - a HUGE mall near Lowes Motor Speedway. It's 1 mile long - will be getting some exercise! Then we'll probably just continue to relax for the weekend, and have some good cookin' tonight again! My mom is either making her vodka pasta or shepherds pie
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Well I think I had to much celebrating yesterday as about 5-6 pm I got really dizzy and had to lay down in the car for a couple of hours. It didn't help that I was in the sun without a hat and didn't eat a whole not and wasn't drinking the right kind of fluids!!
So my stomach is a bit queasy but I have the chills too so I don;t know if something I ate didn't agree with me.
So just laying around this morning for sure-its sunny and 69 currently with a high of 82 later.
The cats are being pretty good except Bakker was jumping on the truck earlier and had to explor the truck bed.
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Our son wants to go to the next county's county fair. Why? I have no idea. It is going to be in the low 90s and the thought of walking around on pavement or dirt in the hot sun is just not appealing. Since he never asks to do anything, we are all going. I am hoping they sell nice cold beers at that fair.

One thing I know is that I am not cooking anything today after yesterday. It is fair food (yuck) and then take out.
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I have to work. When I get home, I will clean out the enclosures, maybe take a nap, then my wife and I are going out dancing at The Chamber, our favorite night club
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I have to go to Safeway and pick up a few groceries. Then I'm going to make some veggie burgers and some lentil soup to freeze. And I'll probably nap and then do some 3D art.
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I am off all weekend. Today my fiance has to do the brakes on his car and we have to clean. We are going to have a fire too and burn all the branches that have fallen. We have to start getting the house ready because our engagement party is August 2 and we have quite a bit of little stuff to do around the house.
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Morning. Hot here, but not as hot as I thought it would be. Watched the Wimbledon finals between the Williams Sisters this morning,(don't know if I can safely put down who won or not) and sometime this afternoon we're going to the Library.
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Not too much going on here today, mostly just cleaning up around the house a bit. DH and I watched a movie on tv earlier for a little while. In a little bit i'm going to start dinner, still not sure what we're going to have yet!
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Today we started our day with breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana Then we went to see Hancock! It was great! We went bike riding and then went shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, Petsmart, Old Navy, Target and Pier 1. It was a pretty fun day!
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