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Selling my things

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A couple of weeks ago i posted an add for someone to pick up some random bits in the basement, it didn't hurt half as a much because i never used it and didn't buy it or anything.

I just sold my television and I am about to cry, I didn't realise how hard this would be on me, I mean it is just a television that i hadn't used in a while because I haven't been home. But It hurts

Next to go are my book shelves and one that is made out to be a cabinet. It really hurts my heart to see it all go. God moving accross worlds suck
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aww ...just think, when you get to your new place you can buy a load more stuff!
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I understand. Oddly enough, I woke up this morning thinking about a chest of drawers and an end table that I had to get rid of when I moved into my folks's house awhile back. I guess it's silly, but these things keep you company for years, even decades, and you just kinda get sentimental about 'em.
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I know exactly how you feel. I'm getting ready to soon leave my home of over 40 years to start a new life close to 1,000 miles away.

I've always been a bit of a packrat, and everything I have means something to me. It really isn't easy to, as my friend says, jettison items that are a part of your life, your past, your being.

But in a way...although painful, it's a bit liberating at the same time!

It'll be ok.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
I just sold my television and I am about to cry,
Don´t Give Up!
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Funny, my DH and I were just discussing what we were going to keep and what we were going to sell. I am not sentimental about my furniture, the dining room is pretty much all the furniture we are taking, and my dust catchers, of course. TVs and stuff are going.Home has always is where my DH, cats, and my collectibles are.
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Awww! *hugs*

It's hard to let go. It's not about the stuff, it's about letting go.

I'm not really attached to my stuff. Sure I like what I have, but for most of what I own I could sell it tomorrow and not be bothered by it.

There are a few things that I am attached to, oddly enough it's all stuff I inherited from my Mom or my Aunt.

All the stuff you bought and have to sell can be replaced with newer and better things. It's the stuff you inherit that you should keep and take with you. Those IMHO are what's important.
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Oh, that's how I have to get DH and the kids to get rid of their stuff! Move!
Seriously, think of how much you can buy when you get there. You can watch your shows on the computer now.
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I've been down that route, so I know how you feel. Just keep in mind that you're starting out fresh, in another country, with a (relatively) new man in your life, and it'll be fun to pick out things together.
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I know exactly what you mean. I lived in Guam for 4 years, and when I decided to move back to the states I had to sell everything. My last night there, the only thing I had was the bed (people were picking that up after I left). I didn't even have a car to go to McDonalds because that was sold that afternoon!

It wasn't even that I had emotional attachments to the furniture because most of it was second hand anyway, but it was the ending of a phase of my life. Moving that far away is a HUGE step, and like Natalie said, it's not about the things, it's about letting go and moving forward. And that can be scary.

You'll be fine. Just keep counting your money as things get sold. That made me feel better!
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I know, It's not about the television it's the fact that now it the new beginning it's approaching.

I am really excited about getting a new place and redecorating. All of my valuables and collectables are already there.
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