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Foster kittens!

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I'm currently fostering 2 litters of kittens. GoingNova asked on here if anyone could rescue a litter of six 11 week old kittens that a friend of hers could not keep, and could not find homes for. I also trapped a mother kitty and her 5 kittens from DHs work - so things are busy at my house!

This is the litter of 6 who are fairly well socialised. There's 3 Siamese mixes - one has pure grey points (male), one has a grey points, but little white toes (female), and the other has white feet, and a white nose (he's a boy named Blaze (btu other name suggestions are welcome). Then there's a short haired female grey kitten (unnamed), and medium haired grey kitten with white feet named Boots (female), and a black and white medium haired kitten named Felix (this name is also up for other suggestions)

I had 2 bowls of wet food out - one group ate theirs too slow, so the others came over to help them finish it off

Mmmm tasty! This is Felix (male)

And Boots (female)

This is runt, she is unnamed at the moment

Felix again

Playing in the bathtub - soooo much fun!

Boots again

And the stray group - there's 1 tabby, 1 creamy coloured kitten with some tabby stripes on her head and tail, 2 black and 1 black and white kitten I think - I haven't gotten too close to them yet - I'm waiting until momma gets spayed and released. They were found at Google, so when I find out sexes, I will try to name them Larry, Sergey, Eric, Marissa etc after the Google VPs etc.

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Holy moly you must be a busy foster mommy! But you must be so proud, too. They are all gorgeous!

Thanks for saving all these little guys, and of course, keep us updated with pics!
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You are too awesome, and I really can't thank you enough! The kitties look happy in your bathtub!

15 cats! Wow!
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What adorable fur babies! You must be a wonderful foster mommy, taking on all those sweeties at once!
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Ummm hello?! Where's the cuteness warning!?

Those are some gorgeous fuzzies
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I'm dizzy just thinking of all that kitten energy running around your home!

What is it with kittens and bathtubs?! Both of mine loved to play in the tub when they were smaller. I can still remember the thump, thump, thump, and I"m sure so can my neighbours!!

I so much want to get another kitten, but the 2 kitties I have right now is all I can physically and financially handle.
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Oooooh, I remember all the fun in the bathtub when Zorro was little

Poor guy, he stopped when one day I ran some water to have a bath in, opened the door to grab something and he ran in and did a flying leap into the bathtub, which was unexpectedly full of water. Thankfully it wasn't too full and he jumped out, but the look on his face when he hit the water was priceless

Poor thing hasn't gone near the tub since
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I've been where you are, and although the cuteness helps, I know how hard you're working! I still have 3 of my litter of 4, and I'm over it!

They are really cute, though!
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