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What would cause this?

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My mom got a cat a while back, an unspayed female, and Kiara got pregnant by their unnuetered male white cat. They weren't able to spay the cat right away, and didn't really have alot of notice before the cat was given to them. Kiara had 2 kittens, one was born with a tiny bit of white fur, just a sprinkling all over, it was dead, and a day or 2 later another was born, a gray tabby, mostly furred, also dead. At this point she went to the vet. Vet checked her and there were no more. She was fine after that. I know nothing about cat genetics, but I do know that with chinchillas, white is a lethal factor. So I thought maybe with daddy being white, and Kiara having some white (orange tabby with white "points"), had something to do with it. I don't know though. Anyway, my parents got into some financial trouble by the time Kiara went into heat again and couldn't afford to get her spayed (their white male had been neutered by this time). By the time they could pay for it, she was noticeably pregnant and my mom just can't get an animal spayed KNOWING that it will kill the babies (I know, I know). So she decided to let her have them, figuring last time was just a fluke. First baby was born hairless, with just a light layer of white fur (like the first one last time), also dead. Second was a perfectly healthy calico. Third was a very unhealthy tabby, with not alot of fur and she was too weak to eat. We tried handfeeding, but it wasn't working, we couldn't get her to take more than a couple drops. Still, she lived about 9 hours, we were so hopeful. 4th and 5th were both born hairless and dead, 5th had the intestines outside it's body. The little calico is a normal kitten, kinda fat even. We have realized that this is probably a genetic problem with Kiara, since the litters had different dads. She will deffinately be spayed as soon as possible, and the kitten will also be spayed before she even gets close to breeding age.

What causes things like this? The kittens were not born too soon, my mom remembers that she was in heat during the beginning of february, and she had them yesterday (4-4).


The little calico is doing great and my mom's other female cat (spayed) goes and lays with her whenever Kiara gets up. Seems everyone in the house is gonna look after this one!

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It could be multiple things that caused the death of the kittens. It sounds as if most of the kittens that were born dead, had not developed fully.It's possible that her body is not capable of caring for a fetus.It's definatley a good idea to get her spayed this time.
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Please fix her soon!!
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