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This is our little Julius. He is the sweetest and most loving cat I've ever met!
I'll start with a tiny kitten picture:
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And Jules at about 6 weeks:
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And finally, as an all-grown-up cat!
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What a handsome boy! I especially love the photo of him at 6 weeks... he looks like a crazy little baby!
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AWWW!! I love him! He's so cute!!!!
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From a gorgeous little tyke to a big handsome fella. He is a good lookin chap. Lucky you.

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I love big orange tabbys. Very pretty.Cute baby pictures.
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What a beautful cat!
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I'm partial to orange tabbies, too. Does anybody remember "Morris"? What was that, "Nine Lives" cat food? Jules looks a lot like him.
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Jules is a gem!!!!!!
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What a handsome kitty you have there...He sure turned out to be such a good looking guy!!
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Yes I remember,they are still making them.
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What a handsome boy!!
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awwww so cute!!!!!!! I love love love that kitty!! Looks just like my neo
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