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Sucky 4th

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Egh! im so mad right now! I personaly like 4th of July, fireworks and loud noises...
I was so excited about tonight.. I was hoping to get some good pics and have fun basically.... NOOOO thats not allowed to happen.
So I guess the town I live in doesnt Celebrate 4th on the 4th.. they celebrate it on the 3rd!!! but no one told us this (where we come from everyone lights fireworks all week then on the 4th is the big show.. so we didnt think anything of the fireworks last night)... we got all ready to go to some place to watch fireworks when the neighbor told us we missed it!!
I am soooo mad... thats the like 3rd 4th ive missed!
((oh and we dont buy fireworks... we watch everyone else's))

You know whet else.. they dont celebrate Halloween on the 30th either.. they celebrate it the week before the 30th!!

This town s*x!!... I wanna go home!
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I'm sorry!
That does sound kinda crazy!
Where is Home?
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we do halloween on th 31st
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Oh hon, I'm sorry you missed the fireworks. But, I noticed you live in PA. I live right outside of Maryland in WVa, and I think we have the same front coming through. It's been raining here all day, so they postponed the fireworks until tomorrow night (depending on weather). Maybe your town decided to have them the night before just to be safe (because it's supposed to rain here all weekend). But, they should have let everyone know it would be on Thursday night instead.

Hope you had a happy 4th anyway, and remember, sparklers go on sale tomorrow!
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I know how you feel! I was so excited to go sit in the park in the town my parents live to watch fireworks tonight. It started raining and I was like "Boo! No fireworks!" ... then my mom told me they did it YESTERDAY. What?! I remember Rob and I going to the park to watch them our first year together, but I didn't remember the day, just assumed it was the 4th...

They did have fireworks in Charlotte, but that's about 25 miles from here, and would be a madhouse trying to drive in/out! They have them on the 4th at the beaches near where we live (we went last 4th), but some places just dont seem to realize people are expecting the fireworks on the 4th! Lowe's Motor Speedway did them on Tuesday!
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"Here" is FL (on the Gulf).... where I know everything that happens, everyone, and basically everything... its my Home I havnt been truly happy since we left FL.

Idk.. I guess they do this every yr... its our first 4th here so we didnt know.

There having Fireworks in Jamestown tomorrow night but thats 20min away, I dont drive and my moms to shellfish to take me and my lil sister
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Thats terrible. We went to a baseball and fireworks last night.
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