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kitty worms

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I have five cats. The ages are 12, 4, almost 2, and two are 1 1/2. When the 2 youngest cmae into the house they had worms that we didn't know about.The worms that look like spaghetti. All of the cats had the de-worming medicine. About a month after that worms started showing up again and because we didnt know who had them all kitties once again had to have the medicine. And a month after that the same thing happened. It is a moth past the last time and you guesed it...worms, again!!! Why does this keep happening? Would a change in diet help? They never go outside, never eat people food or dairy, we don't have mice in the house. I am at my wits end. I knwo it is medicine for them again this time but what can I do to prevent this from happening again? Thank you.
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The worms are called roundworms and can only be rid of with medicine from your vet. Store bought worm remedies do not work, and pose potential hazards to the cats if used.

Roundworms, a very heavy infestation results in more than one dose being needed, usually 2-3 weeks apart. Again, you need a vet's recommended medication and not something bought off the store shelves. You also should be scrubbing out your litter pans at least twice a week with bleach and warm water when you know you have a round worm infestation.
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gert I just sent you a PM
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I have had the medicine from the vet each time the cats get worms. The medicine is given in 2 doses at elast 7 days apart. Each cat has been treated every time. I did not know this about scrubbing their box out. Is there anythign to be done to stop this from happening or is it nothign to really worry about? And I don't know what pm stand for, sorry. Thanks fo the info
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A PM is a private message. You click the user cp at the top of the page and it takes you to where you have messages.
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