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Kitten acting strange

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I have two 3 month old kittens. One of them, Sophie was recently spayed and still has a little wound from the procedure. My other kitten Nola is always trying to suck on it. She latches on very hard, and I have to squirt her with a water bottle like 5 times before she will move away. Sophie just lies there and takes it.

I obviously discourage this behavior because I know it will never heal otherwise, so I'm thinking of bandaging Sophie's wound. Anyway, I just find this behavior to be very strange and was wondering if anyone knew why Nola behaves like that
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Your spay female will have her inner stiches pulled out. You must not let this happen.
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No idea why it's happening, but you may have to isolate one kitten from the other. The last thing you want is an infected incision. I'm not sure I'd try to actually bandage it -- cats are notoriously clever at getting things like that off them.
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You can take an old tube sock, cut the toe part out and then pull the sock over the kitten's middle section to discourage this behavior. Old panty hose work just as well if you cut off one of the legs and then cut off the toe part.
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As Gaye said, a tube sock should work fine. I have an adult kitten that still likes to suckle, its a comfort thing, but should obviously be prevented on a spay incision.

Im not sure if you are aware that spraying a kitten/cat can cause a very serious ear infection if any water gets into their ears. Its best when teaching them, to just remove them from the situation and redirect their attention. Shes not doing this behavior to be "bad" shes just seeking comfort.
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