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HA! In your face!!!!

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Soooo. For the past 5 years my grandparents have been trying to make me get rid of my cats. I even had to start locking all doors and changed locks when we left to make sure they wouldn't try and take the cats. They've done it before.
Now, my sister was a preemie and has pretty bad asthma. She's just about 14 now. (birthday on the 19th) So they figured all her problems were coming from the cats(allergy).. and that it was my fault. I was killing my sister. Talk about guilt trip.

Well.. on Mothers Day weekend my sister had a really bad attack. Worst she's ever had. Was hospitalized for 6 days. After switching her to a group of different inhalers and pills. She's been doing okay.
But once she went into the hospital my grandparents were on me again about getting rid of the cats before they kill her.

So yesterday she had an appointment with the allergist. And all day I was worrying about the results and whether or not I would be definitely be forced to either get rid of them.. or move out with them.

But alas... she is not allergic to ANY animal. Not even cats. But is highly allergic to trees, grass and ragweed pollen.

My mum gave me the pleasure of telling my grandparents that it was not the cats causing this.. but the fact that we live beside a park and the house backs up onto a ravine! I made sure I was polite about it. But It felt good to finally tell them they were wrong and my cats aren't going anywhere.
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Glad you dont have to get rid of your babies! They probably feel pretty irked they were wrong.
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Alot of people feel cats are not a safe animal to keep around ill folks. I can tell you all kinds of Ol'e wives tales. My G-Ma had'um all, about EveryThing!

Glad you'r sister is doing better. Asthma is the pits, my Mom died from it, I had it, my son had it, and now my grandson has it.

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They'll find a different reason for me to get rid of them. It's ust a matter of time. They HATE the animals. Except for Apollo.. because he is used as a gaurd dog for the property as well.. so not only is he protecting out apartments.. but my grandmas as well. So she doesn't mind him.
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good on you!
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I figured how you dance my friend... like this?.. or like this...


Glad that you kitts are safe with you!
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That is great!!! My grandparents hate animal too, it is awful! But they have never tried to take my kitties, there's no way! I can't believe your grandparents would even try to do something like that. I hope tyhey stop doing that.
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