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This gave me Goosebumps!

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Some of my co-workers have family fighting in the war and I just heard a very ironic story today about one of them. It just gave me goosebumps...and still does everytime I think about it.

Sherry's hubby left for Bosnia in November and occasionally calls home to talk to her & their 2 kids. She writes to him almost daily, but unfortunately he hasn't be able to get any mail. For the soldiers who do not receive any mail, they have "care packages" for them. Usually it a decorated coffee can with little goodies inside (a letter from someone they do not know, candy, cookies and etc.). Well, since Alex wasn't getting any mail he got a care package. His Mother had sent several care packages overseas months ago (when Alex was sent there) to the troops, but not directly to him. When he read the letter that he received...it was from his Mother! She did not send him a package or anything...it just happened that they picked that package for him with out knowing who sent it. She has a pretty general name (one that several people could have), but she put her address in the letter in case if the soldier didn't have anyone to write to. Isn't that freaky? What are the odds of that ever happening? Sherry cried when she told us that story today. She knows that the Lord is looking over him at all times and feels this was truly a sign from Him.

I just had to share this with you all...it just makes you wonder about how things are meant to be and how we all have a plan written for us all.
As you read this, please say a little prayer for all the soldier over there fighting for us. God Bless each and everyone of them!
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Wow, that's amazing! It is interesting the way that things turn out sometimes, isn't it?? I am keeping all of the soldiers in my prayers. I hope God brings each and every one of them back safely.
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WOW,luckly man! Care packages and mail really mean the world to those men and women,I sent both my boys one when they were in bacis training , they said that really hepled get them through.
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That story gave me goosebumps, too. I wonder why he isn't getting his mail? I could understand it if he were in Iraq or maybe Afghanistan, but Bosnia? My thoughts are with the military personnel and the civilians. I hope this is over soon.
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From what I was told, they don't deliver mail every day. The lump all the mail into one day, but for some reason his mail is being delayed. When he does get mail it's a lot more than anyone else, but has had to wait a week longer than the others. Must be a snafu in the deliver process or something.
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The universe seems like a pretty cool place when stuff like that happens!!!!

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