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Advice needed

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Babies kittens are now ten weeks old, one little girl hissy, still has very little interest in food, Mom has stopped nurse her. I have to feed her separately, it takes a lot to get her interested in food, she eats very little, I have tried many flavours. The vet said she appears healthy. He suggested adding Nutri-cal supplement to her food, and just keep trying. Has anyone used Nutri-cal ? Is there anything else I should be doing?
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Hi there,
I've never used Nutri-cal, though I have nursed a number of orphans and rejected kittens in my life. Some kittens just don't take quickly to solid food and there is no easy answer! You might actually try some raw turkey burger or ground chicken. Or (and this is going to sound odd) -- oatmeal. I had a pair of kittens once who had zero interest in cat food when I brought them home, and I was getting rather worried. Next thing I knew they were eating my breakfast! (Eventually they did migrate to more normal food). You might also try all meat human baby food, such as lamb or turkey. My best advice is to keep trying different stuff, and don't get discouraged --- kittens have good instincts - when they're really hungry, they'll generally eat something!
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I used Nutri-cal on one of my orphaned kittens. I put it on my finger and he would lick it off. Sometimes I mixed the nutri-cal in a teaspoon of all meat baby food. It helped my kitten.

I also fed Authority brand kitten canned food mixed with some "Just Born" brand kitten replacement milk (found at Walmart). They ate this very well.

If you rub a tiny bit of the canned food in their mouth from the side it will sometimes give them a taste and get them interested in eating.

Best of luck to you. Keep trying. Kitten is lucky to have you!
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My little girl ate on her own last night.
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