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Happy 4th!!!!!

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Happy 4th Of July everyone!!!!!!!!

What are your plans tonite?
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Happy 4th of July
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Happy 4th!!

Tonight Rob & I will probably go to the park in Kannapolis to watch fireworks. We went there the first year we were together, right before I moved to SC
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We don't have any "set" plans yet lol.....

What are you doing tonite, Alycia?
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Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Birthday USA!!!!

No big plans here. Today is my step-dad's birthday but he and Mom are at the beach for the day (I am so not going down there!). One of my best friend's birthday is tomorrow, so she might come down for the evening.
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Happy 4th, everyone!
I had plans to go to spend the night at my aunt's house and celebrate there, but it got cancelled, so it'll be a night in. I can see the fireworks from the golf course so I'll get to experience them.
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We are going to lock the house up and go to the ballpark to watch our local team play. We hold season tickets to the Golden Glove team Armada. It's not too expencive, plus it's close to home, and tons of fun.
Happy Red, White, & Blue day!

PS Our gas prices went down 8 cents per gallon this week.
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No biggie! We did yard work... and watched the Tigers on TV. We will have a simple dinner and probably go for a walk a little later b/c it's sooooo beautiful here today. 75, dry and sunny.

My bf doesn't like fireworks, so that is out.
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We had our celebration at noon today. We grilled steaks, had baked potatoes(YUCK)!, salad, rolls, and cold bottles of WOODCHUCK CIDER. Then we popped the DVD of 1776 in and watched it and we had our dessert of peach yogurt and sliced peaches while we were watching.
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post

We don't have any "set" plans yet lol.....

What are you doing tonite, Alycia?
We are stayin in tonight! Everyone in the neighborhood is setting off fireworks so we'll be watching them.
I don't like to be out driving because of all the drunk drivers

Right now Brandon has a headache so I'm hoping he is feeling better soon so he can enjoy the show
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