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scary kitten intoductions

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3 weeks ago, we adopted 2 male kittens who are now 3 months old. They stayed in one room for a couple of weeks until they got over respiratory infections and they've had the run of the house for 6 days now. They have met our 3-year-old female cat, who has kept her distance (hissing and moaning, of coarse) on countertops and tables that the kittens can't access. This cat had her brother and sister for companions until 6 months ago, when we lost them to leukemia, so she has shared the house with other cats before. Lately, she's been feeling more comfortable (but not TOO comfortable) and has been coming down to the floor. The scary part is that the kittens have no fear of her and are trying to walk right up to her. I always intervene and scoop up each kitten as he gets too close. I have no idea what she might do. Does anyone have advice on this? Am I handling it the right way?
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Honestly, there isn't much you can do other than what you are doing. Although, you will tire yourself! The kittens will keep walking up to her until they learn otherwise. She will most likely smack them, but that will possibly deter them from doing it again, and it will teach them that she's the boss.

We got Stuart when he was just over 2 months old, (we got him at such a young age because someone dumped him at my grannys and thought a little kitten could fend for itself ) He walked right up to Leya when we first brought him home and got smacked by her several times. They all have their claws, but Stuart was fine. Kittens are very submissive and will either just lay down and take the hitting or run away.
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I have no idea what she might do.
As you said, she is adjusting already. Give her more time. She'll probably smack the boys when they misbehave but that's normal. They need to know she is boss anyway.
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Don't pick the new ones up, leave them to sort it out and only intervene if it's getting too rough. Make sure all cats/kittens have their nails clipped to avoid scratches.
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Thanks for your advice, everyone. I went ahead and let the kittens go up to her and just stayed nearby just in case. I expected them to be swatted, but she actually ran away! Guess she's more posturing than business.
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