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Daily Thread TGIF July 4th!

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Its going to be a lovely day here today 25 and sunny!..I am just heading to work and then picking Josh up at the bus station tonight after work.

We have a family gathering this weekend so that should be fun!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
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Happy 4th of july everyone hope you all have a good weekend!!

My weekend is chalk full of working goodness..

sunny and warm here today though which makes it alright

have a good day!
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Happy fourth of July!!!!!
Its a cool start 54F (12C) with a high of 77F today.
Got the car partially loaded, Neil just has to cut up pineapple then load up the coolers and off we go later this morning.
Whant to get in a spot of weeding first.
All cats are good so far this morning.

Everyone have a great Friday!!!
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No plans today for me. Still on a mission to get caught up on my housework and laundry. I am sure I will be able to somebody's fireworks tonight, they are having displays every where. The cats are used to noise, we have low flying Ospreys overhead daily, so the fireworks probably will not bother them.
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Morning All!!!'

Happy 4th to all you guys from the U.S.

Nice sunny day so far, hoping it stays around the 25 mark and doesn't get to hot.

Today is the first day of the Sport Bike Rally here and there are motorcycles all over the place..It should prove to be a fairly noisy weekend.

Heading off to work shortly, then just home afterwards..I am going to watch 100000 B.C. tonight.

The kitties are good this morning birdwatching right now..

Everyone have a great day
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Morning. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! My sister's coming over a little later this morning and we're going to use our outside grill for steaks and have baked potatoes and salad with them for lunch and then watch the DVD of 1776 and that will be our celebration.
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I am working 3-9 today, but I am off all weekend. That doesn't happen very often. I think I am going to get a haircut before work today.
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Happy 4th all!

Rob and I slept until 11:30 - trying to "catch up" on all that lost sleep. I need to go make some brunch now, we're starving.

My mom is going to cook either vodka pasta or shepherds pie tonight for me Last time I had the pasta was at our wedding reception - she cooked it then too and everyone loved it. The last time I had shepherds pie had to have been at least 3 years ago!!

We will probably watch some fireworks tonight in the park here (beaches are all 3+ hours away from my parents' house!) It'll be just like the first year we were together and went to the park around here to watch fireworks
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Happy 4th of July to all of us USA persons!

Going to be sunny but there is a chance that it will be cloudy tonight when the fireworks go off. We can see three different shows from our deck.

Our daughter's next year suite mate at college has a summer internship near us (how common is that since the college is in upstate NY). She is coming over for dinner. I am, of course, over cooking. I am making Sauceless in Seattle Ribs - which has blackberry sauce - hamburgers, hot dogs, carrot salad, homemade rose sangria, watermelon, corn and icebox cake. The cake and the sauce are already made.

I am going to go de-stress at my aqua aerobics class and then go into cleaning mode.

Other than that, nothing much is happening.
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We had an eventful day! We went mini-golfing this afternoon at this awesome place near us. It has the world's longest mini golf hole, which is 201 ft. long. It was one of the best mini golf places I've been to. We did the batting cages as well, and then had some ice cream. I had Upchuck ice cream. It was this green colored cake batter ice cream, with extra pieces of cake batter in it, and m&m's and cookie dough pieces as well. It was soo good .

Then we went to Petsmart for food for the kitties, then Walmart, Target, and Market Basket for grocery shopping. We're going to order out tonight, probably grinders if the place is open. It was nice my boyfriend having the day off, which he never usually has the same day off as me. Hope everyone had a good day!
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