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I give up!

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We have had an ongoing problem, with Pearl chewing things up. She has eaten two sweet acacia trees (with big thorns), is working on our century plants (more thorns) and has chewed a large section of one of the posts, supporting the patio roof.

I got some nasty-tasting spray, for the trees and the post. She lapped it up, like water. Today, we mixed cayenne pepper, chili powder and curry powder and put it on the post and what is left of one of the trees. She ATE the stuff! This is one tough dog.

She's not teething anymore, she has chew toys and rawhide bones and she isn't bored. I had already given up on patio chair cushions, since she ate 5 of them and she sleeps in a crate, at night. We had to put Bill's wooden rocking chair, in the shed, as she had started on that. His grandfather made it and he's attached to it.

I don't know what else to do, to stop her chewing. If I had known that she eats wood, I'd have named her "Termite". This is the first time that I've had a problem, with a chewing dog. Anybody got any suggestions?
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Have you tried bitter apple? That's supposed to taste terrible to dogs and cats. But then again, most wouldn't like the mixture you already tried!
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How old is she? What kind of dog is she?
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I have heard of dogs chewing things up before, but I've never heard of a dog chewing wood and plants the way Pearl is. The only thing I can think of is maybe there is a physical problem and her body isn't able to utilize(sp?) some vitamins the way it should. So maybe Pearl has Pica??????????
Have you ever discussed this problem with your vet????
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I had a pit bull that ate the legs off my dining room table, gnawed a pick handle in 2, and ate every pair of shoes in the house. He even got into the top shelf of my closet and got my holster, complete with a loaded .45 pistol in it. We finally had to chain him up on a runner in the yard instead of having free run. He finally out grew it, or else got tired of being yelled at and chained up. Sorry I don't have a better answer, but the runner seemed to be the best answer for us.
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I agree with Sue. My mom's dog, Chloe, used to chew the cupboards up, but she absolutely hated apple-bitter. She left them alone after we used that. That stuff works wonders, in my opinion. You do have to re-apply it, though, every couple days.
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My son had a dalamation that ruined 3 apt's! She finnily grew out of it after she was over a year old!Maybe your vet. might be able to give you a better answer,drugs maybe.
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Pearl is part pit bull and I think that she is just bull-headed. We bought her a new chew-toy, yesterday. Maybe, that will help.
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We also have an american shafhire(sp?) terrier aka pitbull, and since she grew up with 6 cats she seems to think she is one. When she started teething we bought her hard rubber toys and she goes through those about 2 a week. Maybe your doggie is part woodpecker?Who knows!!! Dali:blossom:
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My friend has two 1-year-old chewing cats! I've at least HEARD of dogs that chew stuff. These 2 are unbelievable! One ate part of my purse.
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