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Seriously! It's not even the 4th yet, why do my neighbors insist on doing fireworks?? - Page 2

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Last night we had at least 3 different house setting them off near us. It was like our own personal fireworks show, but I wasn't thrilled about it. It started at about 9, and all I wanted to do was go to bed because I was sick all day. They lasted until at least 10:30, but that's when I went to bed and didn't hear them anymore. One of them was right down the street from us; I could still see all the smoke from them. And the one of the other ones was behind the woods. They were both shooting them up so high that we had perfect view. It was just like the ones they use in the town fireworks that are legal. I know that some fireworks are legal here in NH, but not the ones that shoot up in sky. It was really dangerous, because one didn't go up as high, and there's a house across the street from where they were shooting them off from. Hopefully there won't be any tonight, but I'm sure there will be.
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Last night there was a major fire in Ohio, as a result of fireworks. People really need to report it, if they want it to stop. I am not going to sit around and watch my house go up in flames because some hormone ridden young male gets his jollies off shooting off a firework.
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I can't believe they are doing it in an illegal area! Iowa is one of the illegal states and I've almost never had problems with people lighting fireworks, in fact, we've had the cops show up twice while we were doing them They were just bottle rockets though, so we didn't get in trouble other than "you kids can't be doing that".

If I were you, I would have called the police station and reported them.
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There's a lake about 2 miles south of us where the residents are known to blow up an outrageous amount of fireworks. One person has a license and does professional grade fireworks. We heard he spends about $20,000 each year on fireworks for the 4th. There are about 200 homes around that lake and at least half of them blow things up each year. The police tried to break it up one year. Yeah right.

We went to that lake last night (a friend lives there) to watch and it was very subdued with only about 10% of the residents blowing things up and even that was limited. Our speculation is that people aren't spending what they normally do because of the increased price of gas, food, utilities, job loss, etc. It was actually very sad because our friend absolutely loves living on that lake because of the chaos on the 4th. He is dieing from cancer (we weren't sure that he would make the 4th), so this is his last year to see them.
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Well, last night one of Colin's coworkers did wind up paying a visit to some of the people who were shooting off fireworks last night (DH was off duty).

We went to my sister's hosue (really our house- they're buying it from us) - it's about 3 streets over from where we live now. We have a bbq and hung out last night- well one of their neighbors- literally who was across the street from them, started shooting them off and one did hit their house (which is still technically ours- so yea, it really ticked me off!) - thankfully, it didn't cause a fire or anything- it was just a piece of it but we were upset that they did them when it was illegal number one and number two so close to other homes We didn't even have to call for anyone though- one of DH's coworkers was already near the area and saw them doing them so they got a nice fine for it. I'm glad too- they so deserved it! Luckily the house was ok though- but i hope they think about what could have happened. When Colin and I got back to our home last night most of the people had stopped shooting them off in our neighborhood, so i was glad (i guess they used the rest of theirs up shooting them off earlier in the week).

I don't have a problem with fireworks if they're done in an area where its legal, but in our city they're not legal (and the homes are pretty close together - so there is a potential for fires as well). I think if people want to see them in our area- they should go to the designated areas for them and watch the city run show each year- it's done by professionals, so it's nice to look at, and legal.
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Ohio (or is it Cincinnati- can't remember which) has a "Nanny State" mentality when it comes to fireworks, limiting what is legal to snakes, sparklers and other lame fireworks. I remember growing up going from sparklers at a young age to having "wars" with bottle rockets and roman candles on the 4th. Prior to the fourth we'd just hit each other in the legs and on the back with those bang-snap things (they are white, I can't remember what they are called). Man, that was all good fun.

After getting out of the Army, fireworks didn't appeal to me like they did as a kid. I guess it's because I got to use the "big stuff" like cratering charges, C4, det-cord and TNT. A brick of firecrackers isn't as fun to set off when compared to dropping an unused/unsafe bridge on the edge of post with a whole lot of C4.
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