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I have been forgiven!

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I have been forgiven!

This morning I committed the following heinous crimes...

1) The cat carrier. The horror! The pain!

2) The vet's office. The dogs! The barking!

3) The shots. :bugeyed:

But now, with treats and time, I have been headbonked again...

How long does it take your cat to forgive you for the vet?

Hennessy was a good boy, BTW, and he is healthy kitty!
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Oh how dare you, you horrible human you!!!
Aww, your baby wubs ya, all is well.
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HOW EVIL! Are you a cat torturer???

I guess if the cat forgives you.... we may be abe to... LOL!
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Poor baby! He certainly was gracious in forgiving so quickly.
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Mecha's never been to the vets, she's 7 months old and will probably go very soon.
She is a very dominant cat and wont take anything she doesn't want, needless to say I am afraid to take her lol
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Depending on what she goes for, Mitzi kind of enjoys going to the vets to mooch around! And as soon as we get back, she ventures off into the garden and has a mewing fit
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Arwen hasn't been to the vet for ages, so I honestly can't remember how forgiving she is
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I thought Carly would avoid me when we got home from the vet. After all, she had ointment put into her ears and a shot for her allergies. But the little sweetheart wanted me to hold her and love her instead.
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Jamie's due for a check-up and shots this month, and I'm dreading it. He's horrible at the vets', but oddly enough he usually forgives me right after we get home. I think he's just incredibly relieved to have survived the ordeal.
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I had Dharma in yesterday for her annual check-up and shots. Even though she'd been sleeping in the carrier for the last week, somehow she knew we were going somewhere and led me a merry chase and was quite unhappy when I finally got her in the sherpa bag. Cried the entire six minute drive. And, she was scared at the vet's, even though he was charmed by her.

But, I'd say about 20 minutes after we got home, she came up for some petting and took a nap with me later that afternoon. She was declared healthy and a perfect weight - but next year we need to consider the dreaded senior panels and perhaps a teeth cleaning.
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my cats love going to the vet They get one on one time with me
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I really have no idea what you guys are complaining about.

Let's see, RIP Brownie, the big fat tomcat, would complain about getting into the carrier, complain about going to the vet until I turned on the radio, and then would just go limp in the vet assistant's and the vet's arms. He got into his carrier when everything was over without a bribe. The vet and staff just loved this big black tom who was like putty in their hands. He would put his front paws on the tech's shoulders and let the tech hold him like a baby.

Then we got Butzie. She is such a talker and meows all the way to the vet. When we get her there, she purrs at everyone. She doesn't complain about whatever they do. She just purrs. On the way home all she does is meow, but the vet is no where within hearing distance.

So, neither the vets nor I can figure out how I got such cooperative cats, especially Brownie who was, I guess, semi-feral until he adopted me.

I'm so lucky. Maybe the cats like my taste in music in the car.
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One of the techs at my vets' office ended up at the ER the last time I took him in. I told her that she wouldn't be able to hold him, but she insisted that it was her job, and she had to for insurance reasons. Wanna bet that she lets me hold him this year?
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