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My girlfriend and I got this cute fella from a privately owned animal shelter. He and 2 of his siblings (from the same litter) lost their owner. His name is Mudjo (was before we got him and still is, what a cute name). He's 12 years old and loves to lounge around all day. He "hoots" when you come into the room or touch him or say his name, which is completely adorable. And that grey nose! I'm pretty certain he's got Ragdoll in his lineage....I mean look at him.

What a nice guy!

This is after I ruffled his fur around, he's not really that scruffy.
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What a handsome boy!!
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Welcome to TheCatSite
Congratulations on your new family member.
Thank you for adopting an older kitty.

Mudjo is gorgeous.
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He thanks you for the compliments! I prefer senior cats! They fit nicely with my lazy personality. We plan on getting him a friend in a month or so, hopefully another older kitty! Those old guys need love too!
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Oh goodness gracious! He looks like such a great one to snuggle with on a cold night! What a handsome boy!
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Originally Posted by Mudjo View Post
Those old guys need love too!
They sure do.
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Wow he's such a handsome boy! We'll need a LOT more pictures of Mudjo (yes I agree that's an adorable name) and maybe a video with him hooting!
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he's so beautiful!!!!
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Thank you for adopting an older kitty!!! I myself prefer the seniors, lazier.

Welcome to TCS!
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Howdy Mudjo!
What a handsome kitty cat!
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I his little grey nose!
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Oh goodness he's stunning!!

It's lovely to hear of someone taking on an older cat, congratulations to you all
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