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Do you wear a watch?

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Strange question, you might ask, but as a teacher for well over two and a half decades, I tend to notice some trends among young people. One thing I've really noticed over the last few years is that only about 20% of my students (late teens/early twenties) wear watches, although most of them commute using public transportation, and have to watch their time.

They seem to check their cell phones for the time, so I can only assume that watchmakers everywhere have cursed the invention/spread of cell phones.

How do you check out the time? Is this a "generational thing"? I feel naked without a watch.
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I wear a watch, when I remember. Half of the time I go out and its still sitting on the table And it has to be a metal band, no leather or stretchy band for me!
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I used to always wear a watch but for the past year I rarely do. Why? I honestly do not know. I do check my cell phone for the time and the time is displayed on my phone on my desk at work as well as my monitor so I guess I just felt I didn't need one anymore. The other thing is my only watch is my 25 year watch from Union Carbide and is too expensive to wear every day and bang around.
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There are timepieces of various sorts scattered all over my life, so I guess I don't really NEED to wear a watch, but I'd feel naked without it, and always be looking for the time. Yes.
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Oh yes, like you, I am naked without a watch!

When my last one died, I continued to wear it until I could replace it!

I've noticed cell phones replace watches, too... I think you're right that it's generational, and I feel like I'm right on the edge of that generation. Most people older than me wear watches, most younger don't! Ironically, I always must wear a watch, but use my phone as a clock half the time too!

I love my current watch, it's solar powerd!

Interesting question!
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I don't wear them. I caught them on so many things & hurt myself, breaking the watch...that I ceased to wear them.
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I put "It Depends"

When I am working I need to wear a watch because I have to count pulses and document times etc.

At home I never wear a watch, because I have the computer clock and a wall clock.

If I am going out and not taking "Handi Transit", I don't wear a watch either. However, I do wear a watch if I'm going out and relying on Handi Transit because I need to know the time so I don't miss my ride.

Oddly enough before I got into nursing I never wore a watch.
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I don't wear a watch, but I used to a long time ago when I was in middle school or so. I think the fact that everyone has a cell phone is why no one wears them anymore. I always just look at the time on my phone when I want to know what time it is since I always have it with me.
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I always wear a watch and I have the tan line to prove it

I get very disoriented if I don't have my watch on since i'm forever looking for the time
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I used to wear a watch, but I haven't for a few years now. I usually just check the time on my phone..

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If I am working, I always wear my watch, but if I am not, I usually just check my cell phone. They were not allowed on my last job.
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I only wear a watch to work. Since I am a supervisor and I have to send people on breaks, I have to know what time it is. Also, whenever I do a cash pick up or anything I have to record the time.

At home, I just look at either the computer, tv or my phone for the time.
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I wear a waterproof watch and it is analog, not digital. The only time I don't wear it is when I am on vacation with DH and I let him watch the time.

Not only do the kids have their cell phones and PDAs and their watches are LCDs.
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i always wear a watch - except when in the water [bath or swimming]. i've had the same watch for quite some time - i'm on my 3rd band! that said - i'm LD when it comes to telling time on an analog clock, so i often check my phone [or other digital clock] to verify the time i think it is
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Ya, I have to say... if I want to know what time it is... I check the Cable Box, the Computer or my Cell Phone.

I remember when I was little (like elementary School... maybe middle school?)

It was cool to wear a watch... course not the conventional way... to wear it with the watch face down at your wrist and the clasp part at the top of your wrist... so you'd have to turn your wrist up to look at the time... Looked like more of a 'bracelet that way?'

I guess if I were to wear a watch today... I'd wear it the same way.

I do remember when I had watches as a kid, they were always Mickey Mouse watches from the Disney Store that my Mom would buy.
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I wear a watch to work and when I travel on airplanes. If my cell phone displayed the time without me having to open it, I might use that more often.
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Nope. I use my cell ... or other clocks elsewhere...

The watch bothers my mousing hand/wrist.
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There was a time when I would feel naked without a watch and I couldn't imagine how anyone could manage their day without one.

Then the batteries wore out in all three of mine at the same time. I did get them replaced but in the mean time got used to not wearing a watch.

After that I wore them sometimes. Then I had problems with my wrists (carpal tunnel) and couldn't wear them. Eventually just got out of the habit.
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I only wear a watch when I absolutely have to!...that being, at work as an RN.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
I wear a watch to work and when I travel on airplanes. If my cell phone displayed the time without me having to open it, I might use that more often.
hey, mine does!
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I use the clock in my vehicle, the cell phone and the computer monitor now. Also, my DH has this thing about having numerous clocks throughout the house and office, so it's very easy to find out the time.
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No, i don't wear a watch. I just use my cell phone to keep up with the time.
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Nope. I just check my phone...
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I stopped wearing my watch when I got engaged..it didn't look right with my engagement ring, and it was too awkward on my right hand.
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I NEVER wear a watch! I always have my cell phone with me, so there's no need for one.
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I'm having thread deja vu - until I realized, I'm not mistakingly remembering things. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=159849
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I put 'it depends'

Why? Because I rarely wear one, but have one just in case. I stopped wearing them regularly in 1997 after something happened in my life. I think I wrote about it when i was in the soptlight a few weeks back or so... If i need to know the time, say for getting to work or an appt, I check my cell phone or the clock in the car. If I'm just running errands, or goofing off, I carry nothing. No watch, no cell phone (unless I'm expecting a call).

I learned in '97 to stop obsessing over what time it was and take a step back. Live for the moment, enjoy what you're doing, not how much time it's taking. I had to, it was slowly draining the life and joy out of me. I still have my moments where i obsess... sometimes I have to know for work's sake. But if I'm not required to, I don't want to know. I just enjoy what I'm doing.

So yes, it depends...

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I used to wear them when I was in probably 8th to 10th grade, but I'm hard on watch bands so they always broke without me having access to replacement bands. My husband always wears one at work and has a nice one for when we go out that he wears every now and then. He used to wear it all the time but I think his wrist has gotten bigger since when we started dating.
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I use my phone to check the time. I have a few watches but all the batteries are dead and I've never bothered to get new ones. I havent worn a watch in so long, it'd probably feel awkward anyway.
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When I left my job 2 years ago that I was working at for 4 years they gave me beautiful watch! I loved it so much I wore it when I started teaching! It broke a few days after my birthday (in January) and I have yet to get the band fixed and it needs a new battery. Being a teacher, you have to have one! I relied on my classroom clock but during the TAKS test, I was having a difficult time keeping up with the time. I really should get that watch fixed before school is back in session..................
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