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An update on my sister's hysterectomy ordeal

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I heard back from my sister today about her hysterectomy problems. She was supposed to have it done on Monday but they found out that she had too much endometrial tissue on other organs. It's not looking too good. She has had endometriosis for a while and she's just now finally getting all of her reproductive organs out after years of dealing with it and also trying to get pregnant at the same time. She's one of those people that wants kids so bad but it never happened for her no matter what she tried to do about it. She was still trying to get pregnant up until a year ago or so before she gave up. It's heartbreaking to watch. Luckily she and my brother-in-law adopted a boy, Justin, almost 5 years ago (He'll be turning 5 in August Yay a birthday party!)

She heard back from the doctor today and instead of doing the hysterectomy in September, 6 weeks later, they are going to try and do it within the next week or two. The bad news is that the doctor said that all of her pelvic organs on the right side of her body are fused together by scar tissue and endometrial adhesions. Her colon is fixed to her uterus and her ureter is attached to her colon up high near a cluster of blood vessels. Her doctor is amazed that she's been enduring the amount of pain that she has been. So to get this all out and unattach everything they have to make a bigger incision. They're also going to try and make it so that there are three doctors in the operating room at the same time (another gynecologist, her gynecologist, and a surgeon). So, hopefully with 3 different peoples' opinions on things there won't be any complications during the whole ordeal. Her situation just sounds downright awful to me and I feel so sorry for her for having to go through all of this.
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My goodness - what an ordeal. My best wishes and healing vibes coming her way.
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Wishing your sister all the best!
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Wow! that's just awful. I had a hysterectomy last December - supracervical laparoscopic hysterectomy... three small incisions, including one in the belly button and just the uterus was removed do to a large number of HUGE fibroids!

I feel for her!!!

Sending healing and successful
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Thanks for the vibes guys! They were trying to do the laparoscopic one on Monday but thats the one they figure out they couldn't do on her She was terrified of going into surgery for that, but now she's going to be even more terrified because they're making a bigger incision
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for now, sending calming & for your sister... changing to healing ones post-surgery!
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Bless her heart... I'll be hoping all goes well for her, and that she will eventually be completely free of pain.
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