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Feliway for fireworks on the 4th

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So I think I'm going to get a feliway diffuser for tonight and tomorrow since it's the 4th of July (my town is doing their fireworks today, but we're very close to lots of other towns and Philly which may do theirs tomorrow).... we'll be home tonight, but Oliver will be alone with the dog tomorrow

I think I will plug it in in the living room - he often hides under the couch during storms, but sometimes in my room... I'm thinking if I put the diffuser downstairs and spray the spray stuff in my room it should help keep him calm

I found coupons on the feliway site so I'm off to petsmart in a few minutes here

Any input on my thinking here would be great!
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Good idea!

I hate "fireworks" season. The noise upsets my cats.
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I close my windows and turn up the stereo to drown out the fireworks noise. It works very well except for the really loud booms.
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A month ago, I adopted a 5-year-old male and was worried about spraying because he was neutered by the shelter only a week before I brought him home. So I got 5 Feliway infusers for various rooms and had them up and running when he came home.

I'm not sure whether it's the Feliway or the fact that he's a very laid back cat, but not only haven't there been any problems with spraying, but we've had some severe thunderstorms, the kind that drove my previous cat under the bed, and he hasn't batted an eye. I still have some Feliway left (they last about a month), but if I didn't, I'd probably get refills for the 4th.
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I've got it plugged in in the living room right by the steps to upstairs... he's already been over to sniff it lol

My plans changed, so I'll be going to the shore tonight instead of just tomorrow, but my parents will be here tonight.... I hope he does ok with all the booming
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Mittens is an outdoor cat but when it's too cold, weather is too stormy or it's fireworks "season" I put him and Watson into the garage (can't have the pets in the house) and turn a box fan up on high. It just turned midnight 10 minutes ago and my neighbors could not wait until tonight to pop them, so we have already had lots of noise. I am glad I didn't hesistate bringing in Mittens tonight. Try putting a loud fan or some music to drown out the noise, it really helps my babies during the "firework season"! Good luck!
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So how did the fireworks (and feliway, in some cases) go for everybody?

My spouse was blasting loud industrial music yesterday evening, and the cats seemed quite fine. They continued to be fine when we turned off all of the music around 9:30 pm (most of the fireworks were over), and when we took a walk a bit after that. I do think he was right that the loud music (and him moving enthusiastically and violently with it) masked the scariness of the booms for the cats.
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It seems as though it worked really well for us!

When everyone was away on the 4th (I went to the shore with my cousin and a bunch of friends and my parents went to a friend's house until late) we had the neighbor watching my dog and from what my mom tells me, the fireworks around here (according to my neighbor) on the 4th were so loud his house was vibrating but when he brought my dog back into my house afterwards (she often just stays in his house when no one's home here - easier for him to let her and his dog out together) Oliver was just chillin in the middle of my living room floor.... so it must have worked because when we get thunderstorms and he books it under the couch or bed he stays there for hours, even after it's over, because it usually turns into a nap lol

I've unplugged it now since he doesn't need it regularly, but I have it handy and will try using it when we're supposed to get a big storm and see if he mellows out a little

It was a good investment IMO - especially with the coupons from the feliway site
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My cats have been fine. I wasn't even home all day on the 4th and when I finally got home about 2am and they just were acting like their normal selves. I didn't even think about doing anything to drown out the booms. They have their hiding spots if they get scared.
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