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chewing cords

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Just recently my kitty has chewed through two of my laptop adapter cords and through three different cell phone charging cords. I have no idea why! I gave her a straw and she has been busy chewing that up, but it has kept her away from the important cords. Has any one else's cat ever done this??
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Kittens and some adult cats like the low voltage going through the cords. Mine did. I got a spray bottle and sprayed them in the butt when they tried. We also have problems with a couple kittens who like to lick the soap bubbles in the sink after I wash my hands or do dishes. So I have to rinse ALL soap away!
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cats really are the darnest little things aren't they??? I'll need to invest in a spray bottle then. thanks!
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April Joy chewed on cords when she was a kitten. I had to keep everything unplugged if I was asleep or not at home. She eventually outgrew it. Hopefully your kitty will too.
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My baby LOVES playing with it, also chewing every single one of them at home, too.

One time, she chewed off a cord of phone adapter plug, my home phone had to be disconnected for 2 days until I found the replacement adapter
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LOTS of kittens chew electrical cords, or anything even slightly resembling string. You really have to watch out and make sure they don't ingest anything like that, whether it is electrical, plastic, string...any of that stuff can cause severe digestive problems. Plus, who wants their dear kitten getting electrocuted? Yikes! I have 3 kittens myself, and they do try to chew on exposed cords, although they haven't actually sunk their teeth into them. I try to inhibit this behavior by wrapping any exposed cord in aluminum foil. They don't really like the texture of the foil, and and it hides the cords from them, thus cutting down on the chewing drastically. I've also taped down a few exposed phone wires to the carpet using clear packing tape. I would hesitate to spray water on a cat near any electrical source, as that could only increase the danger of electrical shock!
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Yeah i noticed that Jubilee really doesn't play with her toys. She loves cords, my hairbands, and straws...odd
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My Sisters Cat is the worst I have ever seen. She has chewed the Cords on so many things. She even chewed my Sisters lingerie. She chewed Cell Phone Chrgers,Clear Wire Internet,Hair Dryer,Flat Iron and so much more. I hope your Cat will stop Maui is almost 2 and she still chews things.
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We've had a real problem with that with our adult cats. We bought plastic tubing that covers the cords to protect them and the cats. Cords can be very dangerous. Typically, cats don't electrocute themselves as much as they burn their mouths and cannot eat. Head it off early!
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My friend's cat was secretly chewing cords but she did not know that at all until one day the cat stopped eating and did not eat for few days. When she had the cat checked, the poor thing had a line of blister on his tongue. Then she realized that her cat was chewing cords & got a serious burnt...
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One of my darlings chewed a hole in my fake leather bead spread, so I got some raw hide chew toys in the DOG area of the store and they now chew on them. Not my stuff or the cords. They are still teathing, and the vet says Scuddel is just now getting his adult molars, he chews on the raw hide the most. Now I don't know if raw hide is good for cats, but it beats the heck outa cords, bed spreads, carpet, yarn, trashbags, rubberbands, and what ever they can find in places I have put things up/away from them. No matter how I lock it up they find more in places I had no clue about.
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