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Last pics of "all" the kitties

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and I kept this kitty and named her " Kissa " - Kissa means cat in Finnish, it's pronounced "Keeee-Sah"

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OMG They are precious
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Originally Posted by shepatna View Post
What a precious, precious face!
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WHERE WAS THE CUTENESS WARNING?!?!?!? [died because of unexpected cuteness w/no warning ]
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Those are beyond cute. I'm always fascinated by the utter seriousness of kittens' expressions. Kissa is an absolute doll!
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lol, Sorry for not warning! - They were a very precious litter of kitties. I would have kept them all but they all went to very good homes. Blacky was the last to leave... I was sorta hoping the lady I chose wouldn't come cause I really wanted him, too Shoot, I wanted em all!

So sad when your babies leave you. *sniffle* Mommy kitty is now fixed! She was fixed yesterday and is doing very well. I have her confined in a small room away from kids and animals till she feels better. I don't want Kissa trying to drink milk from her ( she still tries ) and opening her stitches up.

Glad you all liked the pics.

The kitties were given to good homes for a 25.00 rehoming fee. Plus, I made sure that the new owners "signed up" for a fix date at
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The cuteness warning... It was not there... And the kitties, they are so awesomely cute...!!!!!
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Ooo Puss in boots! They are too cute I don't know if I could be strong enough to let someone else take them home... How many times in your life could your heart break?
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what cuties
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