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Update on my new cat Bailey

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Hi everyone. It has been just over two months since Bailey joined our household. Everything has gone really well, and for that I am really thankful of all of the good ideas I read here on the Cat Site. Sam still needs to get away from her from time to time, but overall, I think he is just fine having her around.

Today for the first time she jumped up on my lap, and snuggled in my arms to sleep. She is a snuggly cat, and loves being picked up, but this was the first time she actually jumped into my lap while I was sitting down.

Now, I am waiting for the day that I find two cats sleeping together in a cat pile.

I have some photos, and will post them when I figure out how.
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Oh, that's great! I'm glad the two are getting along... and I'm sure it's perfectly normal for them to want to have their own time now and again too. Do post pictures when you can, I'd love to see your babies!
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Wishing you a cat pile soon! I love to see cats all snuggled up and sleeping together - I wish my cats would do that!
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I still couldn't get the remote linking to photos to work, so I posted pics to a little tripod web site. Now you can admire Bailey, who is a pretty little girl.

The second photo on the site is their version of a cat pile. I found them sleeping on the couch, you can see Sam's tail, if you look really closely. I was afaid I would disturb them by laughing before I got the camera out!

Sam and Bailey's web site
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Awww Bailey is very cute... I'm sure Sam is as well if we could see more than his tail!
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Bailey is very pretty, and look at that floofy tail!! Looks like they are close to snuggling.
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Bailey is a very pretty girl!! I'm sure you'll have a kitty pile soon!!!
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awww glad to here everything is going good!!! I'm kinda dreading introducing moe and neo to new cats. I don't know how they are going to handle it!! We will find out soon enough though!
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We're getting closer. They even lie in the same curved posture.
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How sweet!
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Oh how cute! I bet they'll be best buds in no time. I was worried when I brought Arutha home, but it turned out to be fine. He fit right in. Pug was so funny because he'd pounce on him, pin him down and lick him head to toe. I laughed so hard the day Arutha started doing it back!
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Awww, very cute!!
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WHAT CUTIES!!!! Thanks for the update. You'll have a cat pile in no time.

When we brought Spooky home, it took about two weeks for things to calm down around here. I think we brought her home in January... and about two weeks ago was the first time she crawled into bed with Shelly and LAID DOWN RIGHT ON HIS HEAD. LOL! It was hysterical. He kind of pushed her off and started licking her ear. The three of them have given each other lots of baths, but that was the first time they were in bed together. It was so cute! I caught Lazlo sleeping on Spooky just a couple of days ago. You'll have a cat pile real soon!

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