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Making the bed with your cat..

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I kinda sat down this afternoon and wrote this one out myself after a recent experience of bed making with Shark around....Enjoy!

1) Begin by stripping off the pillowcases

2) Place cases into laundry hamper.

3) Remove cat from hamper. Cases are now strewn across floor due to being stuck to cat claws.

4) Start removing duvet case from duvet.

5) Climb into duvet to remove cat that has nestled in between.

6) Resume stripping off duvet case.

7) Place duvet case into laundry hamper, and start stripping sheet off mattress.

8) Hear fumbling noises from laundry hamper, stop to investigate.

9) Rummage through hamper, remove cat from inside duvet case.

10) Place sheet in hamper.

11) Remove cat from hamper.

12) Unfold clean sheet to place on bed, if fitted sheet, begin placing the corners.

13) Straighten out sheet, notice small lump in the middle that won’t flatten out. Place hands under sheet and remove cat.

14) Re-straighten sheet on the bed. Retrieve pillowcases and begin placing a pillow in each. Pick up last pillow to place into the case.

15) Notice last pillowcase on floor with small lump inside. Place hands into case and remove cat.

16) With all pillows now in cases, place on bed.

17) Put dirty cases into laundry hamper, as picking them up from the floor, wrestle with cat. Avoid getting claw marks in the legs, this hurts!

18) Spread out duvet onto bed in preparation for putting on duvet case. Remove cat from underneath.

19) Unfold duvet case and place hands inside to find the top corners. Grab corners of the duvet and flip duvet case over the top. Proceed to pull down duvet case over duvet, straightening it out as you go along.

20) Halfway down, notice small lump between case and duvet. Climb into duvet case to wrestle with cat. Remove cat and continue straightening duvet.

21) Button up the bottom of the duvet case. Spread duvet over bed and straighten out. Notice lump under duvet. Place hands underneath and remove cat. Straighten out duvet once more.

22) Task complete! Collapse on newly-made bed and take a nap. Joined by cat of course!
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And to think most people would think changing a bed would be boring and unadventurous. (Obviously not cat people).
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That's so cute I never make a bed without Severino
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this is the best way to explain it! it makes the morning so much more exciting
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That's about right. Tailer just LOOOOVES helping me change the bedding!
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Darcy is a bed-making helper if I ever saw one. Her favorite games include

1. Push the laundry basket off the edge of the bed

2. Burrow inside clean laundry

3. If bed sheet folding is going on, try to step off the bed onto the sheets being folded in hopes of being swung around.

4. If clean sheets are being applied to the bed, crawl under them and attack whoever tried to remove the lump from under the sheets.
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this so neat!!! Jellow never comes around when beds are being made...hes favorite is kitchen time! Whenever I attempt to sweep the floor, he just loves the broom! He attacks it and then jumps into the pile of garbage and then I gotta restart everything he's so silly!

Same thing with litter box: Everytime I go to exhange it and clean it out, he's watcing me like a hawk and the minute I take out the first batch of gunk to the garbage I turn around and hes in teh litter box playing.

Khi only does this with the toy box. I put away their toys in a lil speaker box, and I put in and turn around to grab more, she takes them out and they're back all over.

Its beautiful

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories
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Ha, ha, ha! I love it! Only cat owners can identify with this, too! I used to have a waterbed growing up, and my cat at the time LOVED slithering around under the covers when I was tucking everything in...and since it was a waterbed I could barely tell where she was because she would just sink down into the mattress!
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Butzie helped me make the bed yesterday. That was because I had to change the sheets because she throw up on them. Greenies. Yuck!
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True story, twice the fun with two, who live in the bedroom ON the bed.
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What I have never been able to understand is why the cats do not make the bed theirselves. They are the last ones up. Does it not make sense that the last ones out of bed should be the ones to make it? Well, we have solved one problem, and that is that we are having custom made bedspreads that pretty much match the color of our longhaired cat. But still, I think the cats should offer to make the bed if they are the last ones up. It just seems just and fair to me.
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I just make mine into the bed and they eventually find their way out after they get tired of their friends pouncing on them from the top of the bedding. If you want the bed to look good, come back later and smooth out the bumps.

Someone should start a poll on this. Do people actually try to make their bed look good with cats in the house, or have they stopped trying?
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My kitty always attacked each and every blanket as I tried to straighten it out over the bed. When I was living in Quito it was really cold (with no heating) so we had several heavy blankets for warmth. After she'd run around and attack them and I'd FINALLY get them tucked in, I'd notice she'd be stuck at the bottom tucked into the blankets. So I'd have to unmake the bed to set her free so she could continue to attack the blankets AGAIN.

Making the bed is definitely a kitty's favourite game to play.
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Originally Posted by x0fantasy_ View Post
Same thing with litter box: Everytime I go to exhange it and clean it out, he's watcing me like a hawk and the minute I take out the first batch of gunk to the garbage I turn around and hes in teh litter box playing.

My kitty would always wait until I was right about to (or in the middle of) changing her litterbox before she decided that RIGHT THEN she had to poop. EVERY time.
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Thanks for the smile My two cats love to "help". The pictures I posted this morning of my two himmies shows them sitting on a flowered background, that is the mattress cause they never will allow me to make the bed! They jump up when they hear the sheets going on, dive under and turn upside down with thier feet sticking up and want to play "mean cat" with me by getting all four feet going in a digging motion, so much for getting the sheets on
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heh Mecha loves bed making time as well
I usually just put the sheet on, leave her under it as Im putting the corners on and move fast to avoid her claws, then pull her out. With the blankets I just leave her under them, she finds her own way out.

I wish mecha'd go Before I change the litter box, she poops in it every single time I've just changed it lol.
it's like "sniff, sniff, sniff...this doesnt smell like poo ... *poops* sniff, sniff, sniff Ah there we go"
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Whenever I make the bed, Chloe goes crazy for the sheets moving. She thinks there is something moving under the sheets and likes to run and jump on the bed and then furiously pat the bed looking for whatever it is she thinks is there. It's cute, but she makes it impossible to make the bed with her in the room.
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Hahahahaha! thats so true Dude's not called 'Captain Underquilt' for nothing though sometimes he pounces around on top of the quilt when we're changing it .... so we grab the corners and 'bounce' him
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lol i hate 2 make my bed with my dog he is a lab shepperd cross you should see him he never gets off the bed lol
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