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How dumb.....(little rant)

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A friend of mine is looking to move, and is having a hard time finding a place that allows pets, but she called about one that allows dogs, but not cats!!

I mean not even outside cats! I thought that is very odd!! I would think dogs would be more of a threat than cats?!

Has anyone else heard that?

Oh and don't worry, shes not going anywhere that wont allow her kittys!!
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Maybe the owner of the property has severe cat allergies?
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I've heard of that around here. People tend to believe that cats should be declawed (or not allowed at all) otherwise they will destroy the property.

I had a nice sit-down with a leasing manager at a former place I rented at because I said I would back out of signing the lease if they tried to force me to declaw my boys...I won.

I think people still "prefer" dogs over cats in a lot of places because cats are misunderstood creatures.
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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
Maybe the owner of the property has severe cat allergies?
Nope, he has cats!!! Just a very odd situation.....
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That's weird, I've never seen that before. I've seen places that will allow stuff like one cat, no dogs.. but not dogs/no cats.
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that isn't fair that he has a cat but won't let cats into the apartments..bias in my opinion
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That is very odd! I've never heard of a place allowing dogs but not cats
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I agree, that does seem a bit strange why he won't allow the cats to stay if he already owns some himself! A bit selfish IMO.

Your friend needs to look elsewhere really, as she will probably get better results and the right place she is searching for.
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I've been a property manager for 7 years and I don't understand that! I could understand if it was dogs OR cats, and not both. But only dogs and not cats?

I take it she will not be moving in there! Glad she won't leave her kitties.
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How weird. Cats clean up after themselves. The dog owners have to clean up after them and I am not sure that all dog owners are so good about that.
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