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feral cat information booklet?

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I want to make up a booklet to go with the socialised ferals we deal with at the shelter. There are so many myths that I thought it would be a good idea to have something on their cage so people can read it before being put off by the fact that it seems scared / angry and then something more indepth to take home, and I will cater it to each animal according to if they are scared ferals, abused or biters etc.

Does anyone have anything like this that they wouldn't mind sharing or have any ideas on what to put in each info booklet?
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E, that is a FANTASTIC idea!!!

I'd be happy to help you with it if I can! You know how to contact me!
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There is a private rescue organization that does that in my area. The cats are from many different situations. Some are rescued from the local kill shelter, some former ferals, some abused or just tame strays. All cats and kittens are fostered by volunteers that come to know the cat/kittens. They have a note attached to cage during adoption time that tells about the cats known history, their personality, etc. It has been most helpful here. Best of luck to you and your efforts.
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We have the notes attached to their cage with their history too but so many people see these scared semi ferals hiding with their ears back and just think they are mean kitties, I want people to actually think about them and understand them before passing them over
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One thing is let them know that they are reacting that way out of fear. They feel like they have defend themselves and don't trust people yet because their histories with humans has not been positive.
You can let them know that these cats do need some extra TLC but helping a cat learn to love and trust is very rewarding. These cats tend to bond strongly with those they learn to trust.
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This is great that you are attempting to dispel the myths surrounding these cats! I remember when we first took our ferals in, all our friends kept asking us if we could pet them yet. Innocent enough question, but they didn't really understand that it is a process of building trust. Of course, now we can scoop them up and give them good cuddles, but that has taken time. It bothers me how people seem to often just disregard ferals/strays as not as worthy as 'domestic' cats. They make great pets.

Let us know if you have any specifics that you need help on.
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I can scoop my 'feral' up too and often use her as an example of the huge trust they put in you once they do trust.
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