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Question of the Day - July 3rd!

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What are your "comfort" foods?

For me it's mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.
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any kind of dark chocolate and pastas
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Broccoli cheese casserole and macaroni and cheese
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Sausage and mash with thick onion gravy and sweetcorn
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Biscuits & Gravy!
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Chocolate, mash, bisto gravy and cheese

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Steaks and macaroni and cheese.
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mmmmm pizza for sure
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Ramen Noodles, cheese, dark chocolate
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Chocolate, breads, cheesy things, pizza, pastas.
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When I am sick - cream of wheat

When I am upset - chocolate

When I want a taste of childhood - meatloaf, stew, Mom's apple pie and roast brisket
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Steak!... I´m carnivourous!......

and chocolate for desert!
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Mac & cheese, cream of wheat, a big juicy cheeseburger and chocolate!

The list could go on and on and on though.
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Chocolate or shortbread biscuits are my comfort foods when I feel low or just need a sugar rush. It's even better if the choc and shortbread are combined though! Saves me having two separate things
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Any kind of pasta!!! That includes Mac and Cheese!
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Mushroom rice.

Pizza rolls.
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Pasta with butter and grated cheese, Pudding and Chocolate
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When I am sick: chicken and rice soup

When I am feeling down: most types of cookies and candies will do, but especially peanut butter M&Ms, peanut butter cups, and Oreos
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Pizza or chocolate.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
The list could go on and on and on though.
Can I just say "all"?

Really, top of my list are pasta, rice, potatoes (mashed, especially!), pop corn, hot chocolate on a cold day, and tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwhich...

Now you've done it, another daily question that's made me hungry! I gotta start answering these AFTER lunch!
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chocolate pudding, potatoe chips, and itialian cheesy bread from little ceasers
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A cheese calzone from Italian Bistro Even Rob knows that's my comfort food, and when I found out my grandpa was in a bad coma and probably wouldn't come out of it, he surprise ordered me one and we picked it up on the way home.

And Ben & Jerrys Half-Baked ice cream.
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Our version of mac n cheese which is made with Perciatelli and Swiss cheese, hamburgers and ice cream!
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Chips and dip, nachos and cheese, mashed potatoes (instant ones of I want them right away), glass of wine...
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Mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade soups (especailly chicken noodle), pasta, cheesey stuff, some sweet stuff.
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broccli chedder soup from Mcalister's Deli, my mom's homemade cornbread, my homemade lasagna & mac & cheese. Chocolate's always good too and my homemade smoothies
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