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Meet Milo

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On Monday at the shelter I saw a new cat, not unusual, but this one was crouched in a litter box in a corner and he had obviously been attacked and was very unhappy. I took him out and he immediately began to purr and rub himself all over me. Then he flipped over and invited me to rub his tummy, while he threw his head back in ecstasy. You know where I am going with this. He is all white (and I am a sucker for white cats) with gorgeous green eyes, and the sweetest nature. He is not at his best in this picture because he is not well.

I asked about his history, and it is sad. He came into the refuge last year, was adopted by a single woman, who brought him back this weekend saying she no longer wanted him as he was too energetic for her. He was being bullied by some of the other cats and the Director had tried putting him in a cage but he was just too miserable. So they begged me to take him home, at least for a while, and see if I could integrate him with mine. I didn't take him Monday, but I had to go back on Tuesday to collect Samantha as she was spayed on Tuesday morning, and poor Milo was still in his litter box and looking worse than before. So I now have him at home.

He didn't eat on Tuesday night, but I didn't worry. However, as of this morning all he had in 48 hours was a little fromage frais (a sort of runny cream cheese) that he licked from my fingers, and he is very lethargic, though still affectionate. So it was off to the vet this morning and the poor little boy has an ulcer on his tongue which is causing an infection and a fever. No wonder he couldn't eat. Now he has antibiotics and I have made him a nutritious soup which I am feeding by syringe and he already seems perkier.

But how could someone abandon this cat? People do make me mad. I still don't know if I can keep him or not, but I am certain he will never go back to t he shelter - either I or one of my friends will give him a home.
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Bless his little heart, he looks so sweet as well

Lots of for his mouth to heal, and so he becomes more relaxed, but i'm sure he will with you and the crew Jenny. I know how you feel though because i just couldn't pass one of mine over like that

Have the others not seen him yet until he settles in a bit?.
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He is living in the gite, in Linda's room. She was the one of my tenants who who was deserted by her partner and she welcomed the idea of a cat to cuddle. He has not met the other cats as a result - we will get him better first. He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped so that is no problem. If I don't keep him, Linda has said she might take him when she moves to the farm they are renovating. SHe used to have cats but now has two dogs (her ex took the third one with him). Milo has seen the dogs and was not in the slightest bit fazed by them but touched noses.
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What a lovely boy. You are so good to have rescued him from the cage and having him vetted, even if you do not keep him. At least he will end up in a happy and loving home.
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oh he is lovely! i have always been amazed at the excuses people give for abandoning their pets. i remember when i first got my beloved rb boy janet (strange name, equally strange cat!) and he proceeded to bully my other 3 cats. a friend suggested that i give him up as he was causing problems. i was horrified as janet was mine and we would work through it. so what if i had to stay one step ahead of him and ensure he didn't get the opportunity to annoy the others. i did it and in return had 5 amazing years with an incredible cat.

milo (cool name ) is a very lucky boy to have found you and whether it's with you or a friend, his future is secure. well done you!
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Milo is a lovely boy, and a most fortunate one to have run into you. He may be under the weather now, but certainly seems to be on the road to recovery, and a happy secure life.
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Oh Jenny you're another TCS angel. What a sweetheart Milo is. Many vibes that his mouth will heal and he will be heal healthier than ever, soon and that he finds the perfect home, whoever that is with
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Awww Milo He's so cute Jenny, Good luck with him
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Milo's such a handsome boy! I'm so glad he ended up in your care, Jenny.
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Oh my is that not one of the single most beautiful creatures I've ever seen!!!

Sending tons of healing his way & give him a kiss for me, will ya?
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
What a lovely boy. You are so good to have rescued him from the cage and having him vetted, even if you do not keep him. At least he will end up in a happy and loving home.
sending 'quick tongue healing' & for Milo!
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He sounds like such a darling! I'm so glad you brought him home. Healing vibes for his poor sore tongue
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you should definately keep him haha!
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