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Daily Thread Thurs July 3rd

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Good morning, Good MOOOOOOOOORNING!

Its a little rainy and blah today...but I feel sunny inside..(too corny?)

My man is coming tomorrow for the weekend...I have a family gathering this weekend so he is coming for that. No complaints here!

Not much going on, just the gym tonight and getting ready for Josh's visit.

Have a great day folks!
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LoL it's not that corny

Morning peeps!

Cloudy and rainy here too. A little bit of sunshine but not much.

I'm at the gym later too and then I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing after that

Have a good day peeps!
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Its sunny and will be cooler than normal today only a high of 71F.
Both our rain gauges show 3" of rain which I know cannot be right as the weathermen haven't said what the rain total were. It came down fast and hard though. Which is good for my gardens as the garden tour is in a week (YIKES!!)
Anyhow will attempt to work at a few clients today not sure how much I can due since it will be a bit soggy.
Then have to buy a new coffeemaker as the one I got from a client is not working!!
Good thing I have the french press.
The girls are sleeping on the beds, bakker is settled down on the ottoman and OX out in the garage.
Have to make the salad and dip for tomorrow too.
Enjoy the day (and last work day for the week for some)
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Morning All!!!

Rainy and Blah here as well..

Heading off to work in a bit. It's a catch-up on paperwork kind of day so that should keep me fairly busy until 4or5.

Have to run a couple of errands after work but may come home first and do them later tonight..There are just to many tourist in town right now and trying to get anything done before about 6 P.M. is almost impossible..

The kitties are great this morning putting on their version of a kitty rodeo right now..even Sassy is playing..

Everyone have a great day
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You guys are lucky to have 71 degree weather. Down here in Texas I think it's going to be another hot day in the upper 90's or maybe even triple digits. I wish it would pour down rain all day to cool things off.

Today I have to go show my internship mentor guy what I've been working on from home (which he didn't give me much to do this week) so hopefully the meeting won't last too long.

Afterwards I have to figure out what I'm cooking for dinner tonight and go to the store and get it. I'm glad I can go earlier in the day and avoid all of the people that will be swarming the grocery store tonight lol. I'm also thinking about surprising the boyfriend with a banana cream pie or banana cake (he has a weakness for bananas) for dessert for tomorrow, the 4th of July. I love me some fireworks!
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I am going to get my house in order today if it kills me. After my hospital stay I felt really weak for awhile, but have since shaken off the fog and tackling my house, which had been taken over by cobwebs and dust. I am not happy if my home looks like a tornado hit it. Got a good bit of it done yesterday, hope to finish today.
I haven't seen the weather today, since I can't go outside much during the day, the evening reports are what I watch. It was supposed to rain yesterday, but never did. Maybe today.
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Morning all

Pretty cool here today as well but at least we have the sun!

Today is a quiet day gonna clean and cook and go get pepe his revolution for his ears

Hope everyone has a good day

Only 2 more days until the weekend Woohoo
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morning to all!

A cloudy humid day today....and another day at work!!

Hope everyone has a super day!!
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I am not doing anything today. I am off work and just doing some laundry, like usual when I am not working. We had to go into town this morning to get new brake pads for the car and on the way home there was a funeral and Mike was almost late for work.

It looks like its going to rain today, but the weather network says only 20% chance.
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WE HAVE SUNSHINE!!! For the first time in what feels like forever, we have sunshine!! If I wasn't at work, I'd be out trying to get some color and walking my dogs!

Not too eventful of a day for me. We buried Nigel yesterday and cleaned out his cage, so it's been out air drying (and getting some sun-freshness!!) today, so tonight I will put it away in storage...

Other than that, just laundry and enjoying my remaining pets and fosters!

Speaking of pets, they are all doing well! Dogs are dying for a walk, we haven't been taking them since the smoke was so bad. They'll go sometime this weekend, though! Evie has been enjoyinig the clearing skies, as she was allowed outside with us while we buried Nigel. She showed her respects. And the X-Pack has totally stolen my heart. It'll be so hard to give them up!! I posted pictures recently, just TOO CUTE.

Happy "Friday" to all that have tomorrow off! Happy Thursday to all!
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It is sunny and going to be in the low 80's here today. I made a calamari salad earlier this morning for dinner tonight. It's a new recipe. Hope the family likes it.

Not much else going on. I have some things to do for the 4th tomorrow. Jenny's suite mate next year, Glynnis, has an internship near where we live so she will be spending the fourth with us.

Nothing much else doing except finishing up the laundry.
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Good afternoon

Its a humid 85* or so out right now, but I'm inside killin' time at work until 3pm. I've been done with my work since noon! Ack!! My boss is out playing basketball so I can get on TCS for a few

We are headed to my parents' house in NC tonight after Rob gets off work, woohoo! My mom is going to cook her vodka penne, and some shepherds pie for me I'm never gonna wanna leave!! (Though, lately, do I ever want to?)
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