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Yikes! Skin mites!!!!

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No good deed ever goes unpunished!!!! I had a litter of 4 foster kittens that were recently adopted out a few weeks ago. After that I started noticing that Dusty had a bunch of scabs along his neck, my first thought was the kittens were beating up on him, then I realized it was getting worse, so I thought allergies since it is a bad year for them here. A few days ago I noticed that Squeeker had the same thing-huh 2 cats with allergies, strange but it is a bad year. Well then last night I sat down to watch some TV and was petting Turbo and realized he had the same thing as well. Now what the heck is going on? So I call my boss who is a veterianarian and she says that after looking at Dusty the other day she thought it could possibly be Chyletiella aka Walking Dandruff, and that the fact that 3 of them have it now it has to be that. So now I have to treat all 9 of my cats for them, Dusty is currently living at my MIL house so I have to treat her 3 dogs, and we have 5 new foster kittens that I may not be able to treat because of their size. I also have to call all the people that I adopted out the kittens to and let them know that one of more of them is probably the culprit in all this. That should make the new parents pretty happy!! I guess that is the chance that you take when bringing in new cats to the house but seriously!!!!
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you might not have to do much for it... i found this online: Cheyletiella is a mite that is also known as walking dandruff. Walking dandruff is highly contagious but short-lived. It causes itching. The mite that causes the mange dies a short time after leaving the host.
Usually special baths are required to remove the mange from your pet, and most times, recovery is complete. The mite is species specific, and so transmission from your pet to you is rare.
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