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Puppy outside all day

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My neighbour has recently got a puppy, about a week ago, the thing is he leaves it outside ,at least 12 hours everyday,and it whines constantly. It is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and it is only 12 weeks old, I feel so sorry for it and find it quite upsetting listening to it crying all the time. My neighbour isn't very approachable, if I said anything he'd probably tell me to mind my own business, but I was thinking of maybe contacting the RSPCA. I'm not sure they would see it as cruelty though, as it does appear to be fed and in good health, but I believe depriving it of human company is cruelty and don't see the point in having a dog if you're not going to spend time with it, it's just not fair.
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My neighbours do exactly the same thing with their dog, the only difference is that I think they bring her in at night and give her more attention than your neighbours puppy is. And by attention I mean yelling 'Shut Up Jess!' When she barks at visitors and the occasional fuss. She is a lovely dog and they do care for her, but the only real problem that they have is that she is never taken for a walk. It's kind of a once-every-four-months sorta thing.

As for your puppy worries, it might be a good idea to call the RSPCA if you feel it needs more than it's getting, and especially as the fact it's so young. There's no harm in trying.
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Geez! WHY EVEN GET A DOG! Ugh. Yeah call the RSPCA at least they might annoy the guy enough to just give his dog to someone else. A puppy that sits in a yard all day becomes unsocialized, and then they become barkers. Tisk tisk...

King Charles are so cute! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to spend as much time with it as they could.
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For sure, I would call the RSPCA. This is no way to treat an animal, especially a puppy.
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Is it just out in the yard, or tied out? It's now illegal to tie dogs outside in both Fort Worth and Dallas, and more cities every day.
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Replace his puppy with a life size statue of the same breed and see if he notices.
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Originally Posted by Sweet72947 View Post
Replace his puppy with a life size statue of the same breed and see if he notices.
That's funny

Well in all seriousness, I think you should definitely call RSPCA. If you were in Singapore, I'd tell you calling the local SPCA probably won't get you anywhere. I've dealt with them once, and the impression that incident left me was so bad it shattered all faith I had in it. But I'm assuming you're somewhere in a more enlightened country, so maybe the RSPCA will step in and talk to the guy.
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What I would do is talk to the man. You say he is not approachable, but a new puppy is a good conversation starter if you two simply dont talk. I would comment on what a beautiful puppy it is, ask questions about the breed (no matter if you know the answers or not) just engage in polite, non preachy talk to get as much information as you can as to why the dog is being left out. He may be a jerk that just doesn't care, or he may just not be educated on proper dog care. The important part is not to seem "in his face"
I alway try to give people the benefit of the doubt, there may be a reason the dog is outside. Or the guy may just be an a$$.
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I remember when we lived in our old house the next door but one had a dog that they left throughout the day and this dog used to give the most worried painful cry , and people reported it saying look this dog is screaming out throughout the day when left alone , the rspca the went to the people and the people put up a sign in the window saying , 'our dog cries out but is in no harm no danger it is because we are out we are sorry for any disturbance' and because of the sign that dog was allowed to be left alone throughout the day..
Jess x
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I did contact the RSPCA this morning and they said I should monitor it, but because I can't see the actual puppy from my window, only the plastic box type thing he keeps it in, I would have to ask the neighbour who lives immediately next door to him to monitor it and she hates animals, she also gets on well with him so would quickly pop round to let him know what I was doing. He has a high wall around his garden which makes it impossible for me to see the puppy but I can definitely hear it, you would think that would be enough proof. I will make a note of the times of day that I hear it, which is most of the time, maybe for a week or so and then contact the RSPCA again. I could also lie to them and say yeah actually I can see it, anything to get them to come out and visit this horrible man. Today he went out for a few hours and left the puppy outside in this see-through plastic box and it was so hot, I sneaked round to his garden and managed to climb the wall so I could take a peek and noticed he had a bowl of biscuits, but I could see no water bowl, poor thing must have been dehydrating. This man is making me so mad.
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Leaving a dog without water is usually against the law. Letting a dog bark all day long is usually against some sort of noise ordinance...I'm surprised the RSPCA can't get him on anything.
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OoooK well so much for the benifit of the doubt, the guy is a
I would call 911 if you see the puppy in distress. A plastic box with no water??? THAT IS DEFINATE ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!
Poor puppy!!!
You said you can get in their yard.......
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I would definately call no questions asked. You can report anonymously and tell them what's going on and they should look into it. Especially if it's really hot out even if they have food and water they still can be exposed to the heat. That is no way to treat a dog especially a young pup like that.
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WHAT? He leaves the poor little pup in a plastic box?? And with no water on a hot day too! Is that guy even human? Do keep us posted on RSPCA's response. I hope they go down and talk to the man. By the way, why is it a regulation that you need to have seen the puppy. Aren't the RSPCA empowered to visit the house to check things out for themselves? That's much better than you trying to sneak around to catch a glimpse of the puppy, the guy could get you for trespassing. Be careful.
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