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Kitty's kittens 4 weeks old today, but still not pooping on their own - any advice?

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first of all, thanks to everybody who replied to my last post about this little worry of mine, it was greatly appreciated.

but kitty's kittens are 4 weeks old today, and they still aren't pooping or peeing on their own.
kitty is being such a good mum, that she is still stimulating them and cleaning them up. i know i shouldn't complain really!

the only thing is, i'm going away for 3 days, not this weekend but the following weekend, (it's a trip we have to make because my partner's mum is having open heart surgery, so we're staying near the hospital to go and visit her for a couple of days at least), and my 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend will be looking after the cats and kittens, so i really wanted to get them started off with the litter training and eating a bit of solid foods before i go away.

i've put a small litter tray in the kitten pen this morning, and i stood each kitten in it for them to get the feel of it. the tray is small and they can easily get in and out of it.

i also made a mushy food for them, dry kitten food soaked in boiling water, let it cool down, then i sat each one of them on my knee and tried to tempt them with a little on a spoon, but none of them were interested in that either.

just to explain the kitten pen that they are in... a week ago, they starting adventuring out of the nesting box they were in, so my partner dave has built a wooden fence around the box, so they are in sort of a large 'kitten pen' for them to run around and play. i was a bit worried about letting them have the run of the house, because my greatest fear is losing them behind or under something, or them getting stepped on.

so their mum's food is always inside the pen with them, she's on kitten wet food, and i've left the dish of 'mush' there as well. should i just wait for them to start tasting the food on their own, or should i be encouraging them still??

i would appreciate any ideas on how to get them started with the litter tray and eating solids before i go away.

i know you all like new pics, so here's some updated ones of the kittens now...

sorry this post has been a bit long!

tracy x
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Originally Posted by tracyspud View Post
i know you all like new pics, so here's some updated ones of the kittens now...
Yay!! They're just too cute for words. I love Patches's little "mask".

Wish I could give you some great advice. All my experience is with the X-Pack, and, fortunately or unfortunately, their mommy decided it was time to wean them and make them potty. Even that only really started around 4 weeks. I'm afraid all I can tell you is that unfortunately, you're on their schedule. They will decide when, or mommy will if they take too long!

Hopefully your daughter and her bf will be ok with them even if they're not weaned or pottying! If not, send them my way, though you may not get those dolls back.
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thanks for your quick reply evie.

yes, i've been reading your posts, when your mummy cat ran away for 2 days etc.
but it sounds like you've managed really well in the difficulties you've had. well done.

i've been really lucky so far. kitty has been an absolutely brilliant mum. she seems like a really affectionate and good-tempered cat.
i just hope she chooses to stay with us, when the kittens have weaned, rather than go back to her previous owner on the next street.
(the story of how we've acquired her is a bit of a long story, but i explained in my first post on this site.. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=168940)

i've always had cats, but it is my first time with newborn kittens, but i have to say i'm enjoying every minute of it. it's wonderful!
they're at a gorgeous age right now, wrestling with each, trying to run and jump etc. i could watch them all day!
i just wish i could keep them all!
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I know kittens are irresistible. Especially yours.
I would try wet food. Dry food does not smell as enticing and the wet will be better for them anyway. Get some kitten food. My kittens loved it.
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thanks for your advice cc.
their mum kitty is on whiskas kitten wet food (pouches), and her dish is always in the kitten pen with them, but they haven't been tempted by that so far. (apart from just walking through it!!)
do you think i should try making it even more sloppy by adding boiled water, or warming it perhaps??
maybe evie is right when she says i am on their schedule, and they will perhaps just let me know when they're ready!
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Yes, they may not be ready. Try putting some on your finger and see if they lick it. Mine were eating solids at 5 weeks. The idea of making it watery is a good one. Just add room temp water. I would put a little down everyday and soon they will be interested. It is true we are on their schedule. A little nudge attempt couldn't hurt.

You are welcome.
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They are only 4 weeks right? There is really no rush. The mom will show them what to do when she is ready and she feels they are ready. Plus the longer they nurse the better and the less you have to buy kitten food!
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my little guy doesn't like the wet food or didn't at first. he does eat a bit now. he went right to the dry food at about 3 1/2 weeks with licking it and trying it out and now that is what he mainly eats at 6 weeks old. I haven't seen him nurse in a couple days but sure he does when we are not around.
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