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What I love

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Thomas wanted to share some of the things he loves.
(I have to write for him, though, as he is quite busy napping.)

Thomas loves:

Napping on the bed
Getting my chin scratched
Napping under the bed
Having my belly rubbed
Napping on the couch
Attacking that crazy feather mommy pulls around
Napping under the couch
Pounce (mommy can't resist me when I ask for more,she's so easy)
Napping on my cat tree
A bowl full of yummy food (I make sure mommy knows when my bowl is getting low)
Looking out of the window, and then napping

Does anyone else have things they love?
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Ivo loves:

Her Uncle Brian (my neighbor) and Pops (my Dad)
Her pigeon friends and the local squirrel (and she really loves sitting on the kitty condo watching them)
Chewing on the remote while I'm trying to use it
Pens as toys
5 am kitty crazies
Lettuce and canned salmon
Kookamunga catnip treats
Going for walks in the hallway
Her morning and evening snuggles
Sleeping in the closet
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Cute lists!

Harry loves:
looking outside through the screen doors and windows
getting brushed
jumping to the top of the refrigerator
playing with rubberbands
plain bread
Fancy Feast
hairball treats

and he's starting to love playing with Maggie, his new catmate.
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Trent loves:

Playing with his sparkle balls
Napping on the cat tree
Snuggling with Mom
Snuggling with Dad
Playing with Dad
Chasing Ophelia
Annoying Ophelia
Belly rubs
Head scritches

Ophelia loves:

Napping on Mom and Dad (whoever's sleeping at the time, but Mom has a better lap)
Chasing bugs
Scritches from Dad
Whiska's wet food
Whisker Lickin's treats
Gravy and Alfredo sauce on plates
Snuggling with Trent
Bapping Trent on the head and running away
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Socks loves...
Tripping people.
Outsmarting the dog.
'Delectable' cat treats.
Anything I think smells bad.
Sleeping on the TV.
Chasing people on the TV.
Cardboard boxes.
Anything she shouldn't have.
Sleeping on my lap.
Knocking over my drinks.
Walking on my keyboard.
Biting me.
And she loves wondering why I still love her after all of that.
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Snowball loves:
Laying on my bed at night.
Playing with catnip toys.
Being given some catnip.
Sitting on my lap when I'm here at TCS.
Being talked to and petted.
Following us around the house.
His wand toy.
More catnaps.
Getting attention.
Running wildly through the house.
Still more catnaps.
Investigating anything new that is brought into the house.
Sitting quietly and watching what we are doing.
Catnaps again.
Looking out a window at what is going on outside.
He loves to cuddle with us.
Walking very slowly in front of us just so we'll notice him.

I know there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.
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Opie loves:

Napping on the couch.
Looking out of windows.
Chatting with the neighbor cats, through the screen door.
Snuggling on a king-sized pillow, at night.

Rowdy loves:

Wrestling with the dogs.
Playing with Bill's ponytail.
Dragging around the bathroom rug.
Getting into cupboards.
Running hell-for-leather, through the house.
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Pug and Arutha were quite offended I left them out, so here goes...

Pug loves:

Chasing the feather that makes noise
Attacking the feather until it no longer moves
Making sure that feather is dead
Carrying around my stuffed tweety bird
Running full circle around the whole house (up over the back of the couch, through the kitchen, through the living room, up over the couch in the piano room, then tearing back again)in 10 seconds flat.
Attacking mommy and daddy's feet as they walk by the bed
Attacking anything that moves
Scratching on my cat tree
Rubbing faces with everyone
Rolling around on the floor to get attention
Sleeping on the keyboard

Arutha loves:

Rubbing faces with mommy, daddy, and grandma
Climbing under the covers
Getting pet under the covers
Sitting on mommy's crochet projects
Sleeping on warm laps
Getting my belly rubbed
Sitting in front of the computer screen
Sleeping in the hamper
Yummy cat treats (Thomas was right, mommy is easy)
Watching birds out the window (mommy won't let me go out there, she worries too much)
Jumping all over my cat tree
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any moving object to chase
moms chair in the kitchen..it's where we sleep mostly
we love each other
fresh kitty litter!!
our ears to be rubbed and scratched,,chin too
food, food, and more food!
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I have seven kittys therefore I'll combine their likes into the favorites:

Sun napping
Pawing at the parrot till he snaps then going nuts and running up wall
Chasing the dogs tail to piss her off
Cat nip in any form, dry leaves, powder, bubbles, in a special toy, more, more,MORE (please send more)
Chewing anything in string form
Eating fruits+veggies (thats only Wieland White Keys)
Only drinking out of faucet.Refuses to drink where those other beasts do! (Wieland again)
Hissing at vacuum
Protecting mouseys at any cost including fights among family
Tripping cats with only two legs(humans)when their on the way to their litter box. EVERYTIME!!!
digging in trash...at midnight only
Go ba-zerk at dawn, everyday! Then scream like I'm hurt till they wake up and feed me.
Prudence will go out to tinkle with the dog in yard then come in.
Napping in any size box, even if I have to squeeze.
Foil balls not store bought ones.
Carry around dusting thing, even if it's 4times my size.
Have staring contest with self in mirror, I know I'll win someday.
Stare at my human, just to freak them out!!!
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Guess that I'd better include the dogs.


Laying in the sun.
Rolling in dirt.
Romping with Rowdy and/or Pearl.
Getting belly rubs.
Sleeping on the couch.
Eating steak bones.
Trying to get the cats next door, to play.


All of the above.
Eating trees, cactus, etc.
Eating bugs.
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Jake loves:

Sleeping on the monitor
Sleeping between daddy's legs at night
Running up and down the stairs at superkittylightspeed!
Following mommy around.
Walking right in front of mommy's feet.
Watching mommy nearly break her back attempting not to step on me when I run right in front of her feet.
Getting on the kitchen counters.
Sleeping on top of the vcr.
Laying on mommy's chest while she tries to read.
Playing with and ruining mommy and daddy's socks.

Sebastian (Bastian) likes:

Drinking water out of the sink faucet.
Sitting in the windowsill.
Laying in the triangle on the kitty gym.
Walking in slow circles whil staring at my tail.
Running through the verticle blinds in the bedroom while mommy and daddy sleep.
Running at superkittylightspeed across the bed while mommy and daddy sleep.
Purring and ramming my nose into mommy's eye while she sleeps.
Licking mommy's nose while she sleeps.

Drew likes:

Taking showers with mommy and daddy.
Chasing water down the drain in the bath tub.
Sitting on mommy's feet under the desk.
Watching the surprise on mommy and daddy's face when I attempt to meow but let out a squeek.
Playing under the covers.
Sleeping in the closet.
Ramming into closed doors when mommy and daddy are on the other side.
I love it when I'm in supercuddly mode and mommy or daddy rubs their cheek against mine.
Laying in the path of the vacuum cleaner and refusing to budge when mommy tries to vacuum.

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