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Need vibes please

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I caught 1 kitten and their mother tonight. Apparently there's 5 kittens. I'm guessing they're about 6-7 weeks old - eyes fully open, wrestling and playing - not too uncoordinated.

They have a really good hidey hole where they're safe, so I'm going back out first thing tomorrow morning to try and get the rest of the kittens.

They're hiding in a generator, and where they are there's a hole which goes up into a separate area that you need a key to get into. So tomorrow we're going to try and trap them first, then see if we can get a key to get to where they are.

I assume they'll be ok for about 9 hours without food? The people feeding them didn't put food out today so they'd be hungry and I could catch them. I assume they would have been feeding from mum still. So by the time I get to them they'll have had about 9 hours between feeds if I can catch them in the morning - I just hope they don't go wandering from their nest looking for mum/food and have something happen to them. At least it's not too cool, and they'll have the heat from the generator to keep them warm.

Man, I'm going to be fretting all night...
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How did it go? Food is a good bribe.
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I got keys from the facilities people to get into the generator and nabbed the rest of them in the morning There was 5 of us standing around catching - 2 spotting, 1 poking at holes with a stick to try and flush them out, one holding the carrier, and me grabbing at kittens. I was impressed that 4 people took time out of their day to go through so much trouble to help me get them - it took us a while to get into the generators, then find the kittens.

So they're all in my spare room in a big cage, eating well and pooping well.
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Great news . YAY
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Great kittynapping
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That's awesome - good for you! Let's see some pictures of these little guys!!!
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